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Honeywell Fingerprint T & A System with EMID Reader

  Honeywell Fingerprint T&A
The Vista CA-FP-100 series is a user-friendly and cost-effective fingerprint time and attendance system. It provides accurate data by using biometrics technologies to enhance access control management efficiency and accuracy. It is highly cost-efficient - even when compared to card-based systems. False attendance problem can be solved by using fingerprint identification.

Instead of using access cards, the CA-FP-100 uses fingerprint to identify each access, which allows employers to check the attendance record of their staff without any discrepancy as well as false attendance. It also eliminates administrative costs by eliminating cards, while increasing data accuracy and the level of security. Data can be retrieved via TCP/IP or USB for easy and flexible access anywhere. Installation is simple and can be done within a few steps. It has two Variants:

  • CA-FP-100F: It is an ideal solution for medium sized business to better monitor their human resources with time and attendance record.
  • CA-FP-100FS: CA-FP-100FS can directly monitor the Tamper alarms and other conditions such as verification refused, lock out and duress. This fingerprint reader can also be used in conjunction with password and/or cards control.

Box Size:1


  • Offline use support; TCP/ IP interface
  • RS485 and RS232 standard configuration
  • 1:1 and 1:N fingerprint verification
  • Lock/unlock doors with registered fingerprint:
    - CA-FP-100F: 500 fingerprints templates
    - CA-FP-100FS: 3000 fingerprints templates
  • Shortcut keys for menu selection
  • Quick start setup and configuration wizards
  • Tamper alarms and other conditions such as verification refused, lock out and duress can be monitored directly (CA-FP-100FS Only)
  • Combinations of fingerprint/ password/ MIFARE® / EM ID card control (CA-FP-100FS Only
  • Abnormal status/lock dysfunction alarm and reset
  • Support wired door bell output


  • No. of Users (Card):CA-FP-100F:N/A, CA-FP-100FS: 30,000
  • No. of Transactions: CA-FP-100F: 30,000, CA-FP-100FS:100,000
  • Fingerprint Template: CA-FP-100F: 500, CA-FP-100FS: 3,000
  • Verification Type: 1:1 or 1:N
  • Fingerprint sensor: Optical fingerprint sensor without film
  • Enrollment Time: ≤2 second
  • False Acceptance Rate: ≤0.0001%
  • False Rejection Rate: ≤0.01%
  • LCD Screen: Mono LCD screen
  • Communications: RS 485, RS 232 or Ethernet
  • USB Interface: CA-FP-100F: N/A, CA-FP-100FS: Support
  • Bit Code: 5 bit code
  • Web Server: Support
  • Short Message: Support
  • Registration Mode: CA-FP-100F: Fingerprint / Password / Combined type , CA-FP-100FS: Fingerprint / Password / Card (MIFARE®/EM ID) Combined type
  • Door Control: Door status, alarm, door lock, Rex, wired doorbell, multi-user verification
  • Anti-tail: CA-FP-100F: N/A, CA-FP-100FS: Support
  • Multiple Verification: CA-FP-100F:N/A , CA-FP-100FS:
  • Wiegand In / Out: CA-FP-100F: Out , CA-FP-100FS: In/Out
  • Access Management Software: Support
  • Operating Voltage Range: 12V DC/ 3A
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C - 45°C
  • Operating Humidity 20 - 80% RH
  • Language: English / Chinese (Simplified, Traditional )
  • Dimensions (LxHxD): CA-FP-100F: 139.5 x 116.9 x 39 mm, CA-FP-100FS: 140.2 x 115.7 x 41.8 mm
  • Compatible Cards (Optional Purchase): CA-FP-100F: N/A, CA-FP-100FS: EM ID card reader/ MIFARE® card reader