The AMH bookDrop helps libraries with increasing circulation improve productivity and customer service. With its real-time check-in feature and easy-to-use interface, customers and staff can be sure items are instantly checked in upon return. The indoor/outdoor book drop options offer added convenience, and the system can be used in conjunction with a Digital Library Assistant, allowing staff to download exceptions for pulling holds and transits.

Items are returned to the stacks quickly, so popular materials can be checked out more often. The system automatically continues to function and retain information if the network or integrated library system goes offline. And with web-based remote monitoring and diagnostics, staff can troubleshoot and obtain system statistics from any location. With the AMH bookDrop, libraries can monitor the number of returns and schedule staff during peak periods, when the system has the highest return rate.


  • Real-Time Check-In
  • Automatic Staff Hold Receipts
  • Digital Library Assistant
  • Complete System Option
  • Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Indoor/Outdoor Book Drop
  • Tag Data Manager