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3M UHF Antenna

3M UHF Antenna
The ANTENNA-019-E is single-element patch antenna with a 63° beam width and Right Hand (RH) circular polarization. This antenna has a typical gain of 9.0 dBic and is primarily used as an auxiliary read point antenna for the 3M Toll RFID Reader 4100 reader in the 865–870 MHz ETSI band.
The circular polarization makes this antenna most suited for use in situations where the orientation of the RFID tags is not known. This antenna is the same as the internal integrated unit in the 4100 (ETSI band)reader.

Box Size:1
Unit Size:H12.0 x W12.0 x TH0.98 in (305 x 305 x 25 mm)


  • The antenna radiation pattern is circularly polarized which allows the RFID tags to be placed in any orientation.
  • This antenna has a broad 63° beam width and will provide the correct field pattern for a single standard vehicle lane width when mounted overhead at a height of approximately 8–12 ft (2.4–3.6 m) and with the antenna elevated to an angle of 5° to 30° towards the oncoming traffic flow.
  • The antenna can also be used for side-fire (antenna mounted on the side of the lane) installations at a recommend height of approximately 6–8 ft.


Electrical/RF Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 865-870 MHz
  • Antenna Type: Patch
  • Impedance: 50 OHM, Nominal
  • Antenna: Circular 2dBi
  • Gain: 9.0 dBic
  • Beam Width(-3dB): 63°, Nominal
  • Polarization: RH Circular
  • F/B Ratio: -18 dB, typical
  • Side Lobes Level: -16 dB, typical @90°
  • Power Input: 37 dBm (5 W)
  • Return Loss: -17 dB, minimum
  • Connector Type: N type Female (jack)

Mechanical Specifications

  • Size(HxWxT): 12.0x12.0x0.98 in (305x305x25 mm)
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs(1.2 kgs)
  • Radom Material: Plastic
  • Base Material: Chemically Protected aluminium
  • Mounting: Universal bracket

Environmental Specifications

  • operating Temperature: -67 to +158°F(-55 to +70°C)
  • Storage Temperature: -67 to +158°F(-55 to +70°C)
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Vibration(method/duration/amplitude): 10-500 Hz/2 hrs per axis/1 g RMS then 50 hours on the worst axis
  • Shock: 10g 11 ms half sine pulse


  • Antenna-019-E is intended for use in the ETSI frequency band with the 3M Toll RFID Reader 4100 in access control or parking garage applications.
  • The antenna is intended for general purpose parking or gate access.


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