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Celect provide different services along with the main categories of solutions and products. These are described below:

Printing Services
CELECT provides custom printing solutions in the fields of Smart Card and PVC card printing and UDV label printing along with security label printing.

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Celect Cloud Offerings
CELECT provides most of its solutions and services in a cloud platform using secure and versatile servers. CELECT cloud solutions feature simplicity, full upward compatibility, CELECT Enterprise Delivery platform and great support.

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RFID System Deployment
Our vast expertise in AIDC and other related technologies enables us to understand the ground realities w.r.t the RFID system deployments. We provide various services to ensure a smooth RFID system deployment.

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RFID Consultancy
We provide RFID strategic consultancy that works in partnership with businesses and other organizations to build success for tomorrow,  not just today. Our core competence is in the fields of automation using Radio Frequency Identification where data captured from RFID devices or interface is used in business intelligence applications.

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System Integration
CELECT provides RFID and other AIDC technology system integration services through the use of specific or customized middle ware and web services. These services can be accessed through standard CELECT application or standalone modules which help in integration of two different systems.

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RFID Consultancy
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