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Celect Cloud Offerings

CELECT provides most of its solutions and services in a cloud platform using secure and versatile servers.


No complex installations and no training sessions. CELECT cloud apps are designed to be used in a quick and intuitive manner.

Scaling Up? No Problem!

With CELECT cloud apps scaling up in terms of users, data or features is not a problem. You can scale up or scale down as you wish without long term commitments. Our apps are designed in such a manner so that you can pick and choose your features as per requirements and as long as you want them.

Upward Compatibility

CELECT apps are designed so as to help you move from any version or any model to the latest at no up-gradation charges. All you need to do is pick the new system, select your features and start using it. All data conversions from the last version, model will be imported by our tech guys.

CELECT Enterprise Delivery

CELECT continuously endeavors to provide not only fast and efficient order processing and tracking but also try to actively assist the customers in choosing the best products for their solution requirements.

Great Support for All

If you are using a single license app or an enterprise application, our support staff will help you in the best way. We make sure to resolve most of the support tickets within a fixed time frame.

The Data is all yours

In case you are wondering what will happen to your data, in case you decide not to use our services further, then don't worry. Your data is totally yours and we will not hold it hostage with us. In fact we provide specific techniques for data retrieval for various applications supported.