Use our smart Identity cards to create a secure perimeter to ensure that ID cards are not just plastic prints but secure and dependable assets. Forging a card like RFID is very difficult and it greatly minimizes security risks.


The Biometric Solutions Provide used for authentication analyze human body charcateristics such as fingerprints, retina, irises, voice facial patterns and hand measurements.

Tracking & Management

Use of AIDC and Web technologies enables organizations to track and manage assets in a better manner. Celect provides custom Asset Identification, Management and Tracking system.

Campus Automation

A Centralized cloud based environment where information is stored and provided in a designated way to the intended user. It is backed by other CELECT solutions like 3D Secure Identity, Staff Attendance, Classroom Attendance, Cashless Transactions, Library Management and others.

Library Automation

New Library Convergence Version 4.0 (LibCon 4.0) is highly secure, efficient and completely browser based system which can be accessed from anywhere in the world over web. It ensures minimum paper usage in a library and ships with inbuilt integration with major LMS standards and RFID library technologies.

Web Convergence

We take a holistic approach to web design: we will consider all of your needs in order to design a website that will be effective for you and the visitors to your site.

The system is easy to manage and changes are visible real time on the site.