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Secure Access Control

Secure Access Control
The term access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons. With the use of RFID Identification cards, there is no need to have physical security. Access control systems use special software and ID card readers with employee identity cards to restrict access to a building or area. This type of system is valuable where high degree of security is needed.

When an employee scans or swipes their identity card and is verified having permission to enter, the reader sends a signal to the door to unlock and allow entry.

Celect provides logical and physical access control solutions which are converged  into a single suite to enable a single, integrated and secure access control system based on 3D identity management.


Using RFID and Smart Card systems with secure 3D Identity Management suite creates a logical and physical barrier in organizations to disable external threats both physical and logical. Our access control solutions can be integrated with any existing Time and Attendance or HR system that the organization may currently have.



Visitor Management
Using RFID, Smart Cards, Biometric and CCTV Technologies Celect provide a cost effective solution for Visitors Management capable of data capture, printing visiting cards & generates MIS reports apart from maintaining employee appointments and registrations.

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Attendance Automation
Based on Secure 3D Identity, Celect Time and Attendance system provides a centralized repository which when integrated with HR systems ensures a smooth and flexible functional system. The system can be integrated with any existing HR system.

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Cashless Transactions
A Unique smart card can be used like credit or debit cards to facilitate cashless transactions across campus. This system is best integrated with touch screen kiosks to ensure minimum queues and maximum user satisfaction. The system can work in both pre paid and post pay modes.

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PC Access Control
PC-based access management system, together with RFID technology, provides a high degree of security and personnel safety.It supports a comprehensive range of features to match customer specific requirements and has an extremely user-friendly operator interface.

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