Border controls are of crucial importance to national security and sovereignty. CELECT offers a variety of passport and border control solutions to eliminate errors and secure borders without inconveniencing citizens and welcome visitors.


The world has never been smaller, if the latest figures from the world of international travel are to be believed. In air travel alone, the number of passengers has risen steadily by almost five percent each year.

Modern travel documents must meet a variety of daunting challenges. On the one hand, they must be secure and reliable, ready for their key role in curbing cross-border criminality.

On the other, they must be convenient, unobtrusive and efficient — ideally even automated — in order to effectively meet the modern traveler’s expectations of a fast turnaround.

End-to-end solutions for hassle-free border crossing

Smart border management solutions are the answer. CELECT works with electronic passports to ensure citizens convenient, hassle-free cross-border entry and a verified form of identification.

CELECT solutions cover the entire process, from enrollment and document generation to data management , personalization and document usage or border controls.


CELECT biometric software solutions are used toward several different aspects of visitor screening and border management. CELECT solutions perform biometric search against watch lists upon a visitor’s visa application, and biometric verification upon their arrival at the border. It is also used to personalize and read travel documents such as e-passports.

In a typical system, CELECT software is used to:

  • automate collection, formatting and validation of high-quality fingerprints, facial biometrics, and biographic data according to global standards,
  • perform biometric searches upon passport/visa application and border crossing,
  • implement centralized workflows for data sharing between disparate systems,
  • and provide custom reports on metrics such as biometric image quality and transaction throughput, useful for system diagnostics and monitoring.