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Parking Management
Parking Management

Parking Management System is designed to identify and manage vehicle in parking areas, gated communities, commercial complexes, secure building complexes, tolls, container depots etc.
It contains the elements needed to deploy a RFID parking management solution - A windshield tag (RFID) is stuck on the windscreen of the vehicle and on approach to the gate the UHF reader picks up the id from range of more than 10 meters for validation, On local validation, the controller sends the signal to the Boom Barrier to open and the complete transaction is recorded. MIS report can be generated.


Complete ready to use tried and tested solution. Rover Long Range UHF Readers, Controllers, Boom Barrier / Turnstiles and Software Solution for MIS Reporting.

SDK Contains :
  • Vehicle management
  • User Management
  • MIS Reports



Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System
ETC uses passive radio frequency identification technology (RFID). RFID tag called FASTag is mounted on the vehicle's windscreen. As the vehicle reaches the toll plaza, a unique identification number that is embedded on the tag is read by road side RFID reader.

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Work In Progress
Work in Progress automation provide enhance inventory collection, shelf order management, optimize staff efficiency, lower the risk of repetitive motion injuries, reduce material losses, and increase service capacity.

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Jewellery Management
JewelMAN helps jewellery stores to automate the process of stock taking and reconciliation, thus reducing manual effort and saving time. It improves the security of the Jewelry system and the inventory tracking for jewelry will become more accurate and faster.

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Asset Management
AssetMAN is a single centralized solution for all your asset management and tracking needs. It is completely web based and ships with in built IT Help desk and service management system. The system manages the asset life cycle right from procurement, deployment & usage, up-gradation & service, decommissioning & salvage.

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File Management
FileMAN is an automated web enabled file tracking solution, which consists of latest hi-tech components to increase the ease of file tracking and management inside and outside the department and geographical locations.

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