Today, technology has allowed the next leap from simple black and white overheads to interactive websites which incorporates color, sound, moment and hyperlinks. With owning of an internet site the products or service is accessible globally, to prospective customers 24 hours, 365 days a year. More and more people these days are using the internet as a first poll of call because of its convenience and to save time.

CELECT positioned as one of the Web Based solution provider, offers hi-end, cost effective, quality products and services in the sphere of Web Technology. CELECT offers a powerful combination of consulting and advisory services to help inform your business grow better. We provide complete end-to-end Web solutions automating the entire business process and application area. Our services provide comprehensive security-protecting the privacy and integrity of the data while increasing the productivity and efficiency of the process.

A Unique Content Management System where there is no dependency on a web programmer every time there is a change request. The system is easy to manage and changes are visible real time on the site.

We take a holistic approach to web design: we will consider all of your needs in order to design a website that will be effective for you and the visitors to your site.

Web Convergence related solutions

Corporate Portals

In today's digitized world, any corporate cannot think of its existence without having a dedicated corporate portal which showcases its products and solutions to the designated audience in a manner which is easily accessible. CELECT provides dedicated consultancy and technological frameworks for corporate portals.


Although many web initiative focus on engaging your audience, the web can also play a big role in helping you better run your organization. In today's online world if you are still using spreadsheets then you clearly do not know the power of web. It is time to deploy a solution for your whole team which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

University Portals

In the world of Universities & Educational Institutes, the trend is towards the digitization of the information and providing the same to the intended users in designated form and individual rights. Although that being the trend a lot is missing when talking of a centralized and dynamic processing system which can handle all major and minor tasks in a university.


Helpdesk provide Customer Support that deliver superior service.It is a powerful ticket management tool with advanced automation features. CELECT provides an optimized solution for helpdesk. If a customer has an issue then the concerned person check the request and issue the ticket for the specified problems.