Corporate Identity and automation systems by CELECT

Corporate ID cards, office attendance, smart card and biometric attendance, meeting rooms manager, visitors management systems ... all under one roof...


Office smart IDentity

CELECT provides office Identity Management systems using smart cards or biometrics and allied hardware equipments like card printers and identification readers.


Office Attendance Automation

Based on Secure 3D Identity, CELECT Time and Attendance system provides a centralized repository which when integrated with HR systems ensures a smooth and flexible functional system. The system can be integrated with any existing HR system through WCF web services supported by CELECT.


Digital Queue Management System

QSENSE is a Cloud based electronic queuing system. QSENSE helps organisations manage the customer queues better at offices, customer service centers, doctors waiting areas, student admission processes etc.


VIZSENSE - Visitors Management System

VIZSENSE is a cloud based, multi branch Visitors Management System which helps organisations to manage visitors flow better through secure visitors identity management. VIZSENSE can be used in corporate offices, factory front offices, society entrances, schools, universities among others.


Mess and Canteeen Management Systems

CELECT ePurse is a browser based solution which helps to manage multiple point of sales (POS) terminals through a centralised interface. We've taken a simplistic but at the same time roboust approach for this solution development so as to ensure that the transactions are processed faster and the system provides multiples features and options.


Meetings Rooms Tracking & Management Systems

CELECT Meeting Room Manager is a browser based solution which helps to manage multiple meeting or conference rooms in an organization in real time. Its simple design and smooth information flow ensures minimal clicks for meeting room booking. Versatile features of the system also display real time availability and facilities present in a meeting room.


CELECT - Digital Connect: Digital Signage System

CELECT DIGITAL CONNECT is a highly powerful and flexible communication method: a dynamic sign (screen) that displays digital media to a public audience. Digital signage software works over an Internet connection or an offline mode, delivering rich media content to digital screens. Use digital signage to grow your revenue, reduce your cost and reinforce your brand. The idea behind the system is to provide dynamic content which can be controlled from a centralized location.


Assets / Inventory Management Software and Systems

CELECT AssetMAN is a single centralized solution for all your asset management and tracking needs. It is completely web based and ships with in built IT Help desk and service management system. The system manages the asset life cycle right from procurement, deployment & usage, up-gradation & service, decommissioning & salvage.


Smart Cards for Identity

CELECT provides Smart Cards in the range of various ISO standards including Mifare, ICODE, iCLASS, Proximity and PVC cards, which can be used for providing identity to library patrons. These cards can also be used for automated issue & return of library books using selfcheck kiosks.