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Aadhar Kit for Biometric Enrollment

Cogent AADHAR Enrollment Kits (Fingerprint cum Iris Enrollment Kit) are used to enroll large groups of people for certain schemes mostly promoted by Government & NGOs. They are used widely for enrolling citizens by local or central government organizations, UID Aadhar, NPR, National ID projects , World bank and UNESCO schemes.


3M™ UHF FASTag for Electronic tolling systems

3M™ UHF FASTag is created as per specifications of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in accordance to the guidelines provided by National Highways Authority of India. It is used for automatic vehicle identification applications such as electronic toll, parking and security. It offers convenience in vehicles management system.


3M CR1000 RFID UHF Electronic Tolling Reader

Designed with parking and gated entrances in mind, the Compact RFID Reader 1000 line has models supporting Electronic Toll Collection and Parking Systems. The Compact RFID Reader 1000 is available in 4- and 8-port versions.


Meetings Rooms Tracking & Management Systems for corporate offices

CELECT Meeting Room Manager is a browser based solution which helps to manage multiple meeting or conference rooms in an organization in real time. Its simple design and smooth information flow ensures minimal clicks for meeting room booking. Versatile features of the system also display real time availability and facilities present in a meeting room.


CELECT - Digital Connect: Digital Signage System for branches

CELECT DIGITAL CONNECT is a highly powerful and flexible communication method: a dynamic sign (screen) that displays digital media to a public audience. Digital signage software works over an Internet connection or an offline mode, delivering rich media content to digital screens. Use digital signage to grow your revenue, reduce your cost and reinforce your brand. The idea behind the system is to provide dynamic content which can be controlled from a centralized location.

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