CELECT - Our Journey

We are proud of our Journey with our partners and we believe in travelling beyond....


Ashoka University again selects CELECT for Phase 2 of its library automation systems. Himachal Pradesh University goes live with RFID implmentation as the biggest deployment in the hill state till date. Skoda Auto Volkswagen trusts CELECT for its supply chain and inventory management requirement using RFID windshield tags.


CELECT launches QSENSE for queue management & automation requirements. e-Purse and Canteen management systems launched for cashless transactions using smart cards / biometrics. Meeting rooms manager system launched to augment the Office automation portfolio. Facial recognition devices introduced for contactless attedance system in view of COVID.


IIT Kanpur deploys the biggest hybrid libray automation system in India trusting CELECT expertise. Upgraded and enhanced version of Visitors Management system launched as VIZSENSE. CELECT launches transactional kiosks for segments like ticket / token dispensing. Tie up with Honeywell for distribution and integration of Integrated Tolling Solutions product line.


TOI: Bennett University, reaffirms its faith in CELECT for second phase of Library automation. Toyota Motors selects CELECT to augment its supply chain and automation requirements using our integrated systems. HDFC Bank selects CELECT for its rollout of FASTag systems.


Tie up with Gemalto for distribution of Cogent Biometrics and Identity Management solutions. Tie up with Bibliotheca for Library Automation solutions. Tie up with Neology Inc. for RFID based tolling systems. CELECT becomes largest distributor of Cogent Biometric systems in India.


Winner of National Sales Excellence in Identity Management. CELECT becomes one of the largest producers of FASTag. TOI: Bennett University awards contract to CELECT for its Library Automation requirement.


Winner of 3M Innovation Award. Winner of 3M National Sales Excellence Award. Pune operations restarted. Tie up with 3M for distribution and integration of Integrated Tolling Solutions product line.


Major breakthrough in AADHAR based Biometric eKYC initiatives. Library Automation & Security System multiple deployments in Bhutan.


Tie up with 3M for distribution and integration of Cogent Biometric product line.


ISO9001:2000 Certification. RFID based File & Asset Management Systems introduced.


Tie up with 3M for distribution and integration of Library Automation product line. One of the largest RFID based Library Automation project. Followed by some more...


First major RFID based Campus Automation project.


Continuum Electroproducts Pvt. Ltd. (CELECT) is formed in New Delhi. Tie up with HID Global for distribution and integration of I&L products.


Three guys (one with lots of sales experience, one great with solutions and a software developer) meet in Pune and decide to build their dreams. A new venture is created which specifically focuses on Custom Software Developments and basic RFID applications. Big breakthrough as CRM projects turn sucessfull with repeated orders.