Cogent Tenprint CS500e Biometric Scanner

Best in class device for Biometric Enrollments...

For civil and law enforcement biometric applications...

The Cogent CS500e LiveScan solution, featuring the CS500e scanner, is an easy-to-learn, user-friendly system that captures rolled and flat fingerprints. The software guides the operator through the capture process with on-screen prompts and graphical displays. The CS500e scanner is a lightweight, compact, yet powerful device. It is FBI-certified according to the IAFIS Image Quality Specifications (IQS) for scanners, Ingress Protection (IP) Level 54 compliant, FIPS 201 certified, and MIL-STD-810F certified.



  • Civil registry enrollment
  • Biometric document issuance
  • Applicant identification
  • Border control
  • Inmate release management


  • Supports flat and/or rolled capture capabilities
  • Automatic calibration and table updates
  • Preformatted data fields based on predefined lists
  • Configurable data input features to meet state and federal specifications
  • Fully compliant with ANSI/NIST standards
  • Certified for FBI IAFIS Appendix F, FIPS 201, and MIL-STD-810F; IP 54 compliant
  • Submission acknowledgement, tracking, and reporting
  • Lightest and most compact tenprint LiveScan available