BIBLIOTHECA EM Tattle Tape Security Gate

Perfect partner for library collection security needs...

Superior, covert, efficient and best security for library collection.

This system is part of the Tattle tape technology and is capable of keeping your library collection entirely secure using the latest DSP technology. Designed for use with B2 / B1 / DCD2 Tattle-Tape Security Strips, this system detects all EM strips in any orientation. It boasts of multiple LED alarm color lights. It keeps all magnetic media completely safe for any theft. With the use of interchangeable graphic panels, the panels can be customised to blend with the existing library décor.
This security system can blend nicely with your library décor while keeping your collection entirely secure using the latest DSP technology. Designed for use with Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips, this system detects all EM strips in any orientation. Along with a selection of built-in LED alarm light colors to choose from, it also features interchangeable graphic panels and is completely safe for all magnetic media.

Brief features:

  • Flexible configuration and installation options.
  • Sleek design with interchangeable graphic sections.
  • Selectable alarm color and pattern.
  • Integrated, visible people counter.
  • Superior detection of items.
  • Reduce unwanted alarms.

bibliotheca Tattle Tape Security Gate models...


bibliotheca tattle tape security gate

- Supports dual or more panels.

- Sleek design with interchangeable graphic sections.

- Pantone Cool Grey 4C HIPS


bibliotheca tattle tape clear gate

- Supports dual or more panels.

- Sleek, modern clear design.

- Transparent panel with mirrored inserts

Benefits of bibliotheca Tattle Tape Security Gate:

Reduce unwanted alarms:

The Tattle-Tape™ gate can detect when an activated strip is leaving the library, significantly reducing false alarms at the gate when people enter. With multiple pedestals used to cover a larger entrance-way, the alarm lights on the gates also identify which aisle caused the alarm, helping staff locate items that triggered the alarm faster.

Integrated with libraryConnect™:

Staff can remotely access libraryConnect™ for in-depth statistics and configuration options. This allows staff to remotely upgrade firmware, run monthly reports and change the alarm colors and patterns.

Genuine Tattle-Tape™ technology:

With powerful algorithms, the genuine Tattle-Tape™ technology can distinguish between common metal items and any EM strip to yield the most accurate results. This means less false alarms and fewer inconveniences for both users and staff.

Integrated, visible people counter:

The on-board bi-directional people counter accurately counts the number of people entering and leaving the library. This information is transferred to libraryConnect™ as well as the control box, which has a convenient display for quick access to live stats.

Selectable alarm color and pattern:

Both visual and audible security alarm settings are completely configurable by the library. With 8 LED color alarms and patterns to choose from, the Tattle-Tape™ gate ensures both users and staff are alerted of items that have not been properly checked out.

Sleek design with interchangeable graphic sections:

We designed our new Tattle-Tape™ gate to fit within new modern and updated library spaces. With easy-to-update panels, your security gates can match your library brand or promote an upcoming program. (not applicable for tattle tape gate clear)

Flexible configuration and installation:

Simple set-up and maintenance allows our trained technicians to cause little disruption to your library and staff can quickly troubleshoot concerns with our dedicated phone support teams.