Covert security for your collection at the best ever price...

Get the same reliability of patented 3M design process with bibliotheca now.

Bibliotheca Tattle Tape Security Strips are ultra-thin and double-sided which provide Electromagnetic (EM) security for your library books and periodicals. The extra-long liner makes it easier to insert the strip deeply into the gutter, making it virtually undetectable. These strips cannot be shielded by the human body, or other common objects, providing effective and reliable security for your assets.

Tattle tape is usually affixed deep between the pages of a paperback book, or between the spine and binding for a hardcover book.

Tattle Tape is the only covert security system for theft detection in the libraries. The tape consists of a magnetic metal strip embedded in a strip of thick, clear adhesive tape. It is usually used with a tattle tape staff work station and a tattle tape security gate. When the magnetic strip in the tattle tape is sensitized an alarm will sound at the tattle tape detection system. However when the item is processed through a tattle tape staff work station the tattle tape is desensitized and will not generate an alarm in the tattle tape detection system. However when the item is returned back the user it needs to be re-sensitized again using a tattle tape staff work station.

bibliotheca Tattle Tape strip variants...


bibliotheca B1 Tattle tape strips

- Available in 165 x 1.6 mm size

- Box size of 1000 strips

- Use for hardcover books


bibliotheca B2 Tattle tape strips

- Available in 165 x 1.6 mm size

- Box size of 1000 strips

- Use for books & magazines


bibliotheca DCD2 Tattle tape strips

- Available in 114 mm dia

- Box size of 1000 tags

- Use for CDs & DVDs

Tattle Tape presents the best of covert security for your library collection. Since the tags is not visible directly it is less prone to tampering, giving it a huge edge over other security technologies.

Get the best security for your library:

  • Tattle tapes are covert.
  • Since the user is not able to locate a Tattle tape so it becomes virtually impossible to tamper with that.
  • Ensure that the return on investment is realised within 3 years of deploying the Tattle tapes security system.
  • Archival quality, double-sided adhesive will not degrade library materials.
  • Since 1970s Tattle Tape security system is the most used system worldwide to prevent the library materials from theft and accidentally taking them out of the library.
  • When it comes to security Tattle tape is always better than RFID technology. The advantages of RFID technology comes into play when using self-checkout, automated book return/sorting and inventory scanners. However, when it comes to security a RFID tag can be easily located and hence removed defying the security aspect.
  • Libraries who are having highly valuable items and less circulation prefer tattle tape as a security technology. The tags are almost invisible to the naked eye once applied.
  • Since the operational frequency of Tattle Tape system is low it makes it almost impossible to shield, vandalize and using of common shop lifting methods to steal marked books.