HID® Omnikey® 3121 Smart Card Reader

Part of omnikey range of HID Global readers...

USB connected smart card reader for desktop use.

HID Global, with its product brand OMNIKEY one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative smart card readers, offers with the OMNIKEY® 3121 a high-performance smart card reader USB connected for desktop use with multiple standing options in a robust housing. The OMNIKEY® 3121 is an easy-to-install USB card reader suited for all contact smart card operations like online-banking or digital signature applications.



  • Different standing base options available for convenient vertical and horizontal use
  • Robust housing and long USB cable
  • High speed data transmission
  • All major operating systems supported


  • Easy to install: Eliminates the need to install drivers; uses native supported CCID drivers within the operating system.
  • Readily Compliant: Meets all relevant industry standards for smooth integration in PC environment.
  • Convenient and Reliable: Multiple-base mounting options, robust housing, long USB cable.
  • Suits Any Application: Compatible with virtually any smart card and major PC operating system.


  • Meets major standards, including ISO 7816, USB CCID, PC / SC, and HBCI (Home Banking Computer Interface) Specification
  • Supports power management to support low energy schemes
  • UPC barcode for easier logistics
  • Bulk or single packaging option available
  • Interchangeable standing base options available for both vertical and horizontal configurations
  • USB CCID support makes integration into an existing system the easiest ever by connecting host and smart card reader without the need for additional drivers
  • All major operating systems supported
  • Meets GSA FIPS 201 requirements
  • Supports high-speed data transmission

The OMNIKEY® 3121 is a high-performance, USB smart card reader for desktop use that features multiple-base mounting options and a robust housing. Compliant with all industry standards, this reader is compatible with virtually any contact smart card, operating system and a variety of applications. The OMNIKEY 3121 is easy to install and well suited for all contact smart card operations, including single sign-on, online banking or digital signature applications.