Mess and Canteeen Management Systems

Cashless transactions using prepaid wallets for faster transactions across multiple point of sales locations across a campus

e-Purse at a Glance

Cashless Transactions

Get the power, security and flexibility of a prepaid wallet for faster and easier transaction processing.

Digitalised Information

All the transactions in an ePurse are digitally stored in a secured server which can be accessed anytime.

Use Control

The user of the ePurse shall get complete control on the type and limit of transactions.

Multiple Identities

Identity of the Wallet owner can be secured using Barcode + PIN or Smart Cards or Biometrics etc.

WHY Cashless Transactions

Having trouble managing loose coins at the point of sale locations?

Need to save time at rush hours in canteens for faster throughput?

Is the valid user not carrying his wallet?

About CELECT ePurse & Cashless transactions software & hardware systems...

CELECT ePurse is a browser based solution which helps to manage multiple point of sales (POS) terminals through a centralised interface. We've taken a simplistic but at the same time roboust approach for this solution development so as to ensure that the transactions are processed faster and the system provides multiples features and options.

The system can be hosted in house or in our secure cloud servers. Usage of cloud also ensures that system can be accessed from anywhere in the world. System does not present any limitations in terms of the number of locations to manage, it is one system for the entire organization, even in multiple cities.

CELECT also offers multiple hardware items required for the smooth working of an ePurse system like smart card readers, biometric scanners, PIN Pads, Touch screen kiosks and panels etc.

ePurse Cashless Canteen System Features:

Customizable Menu

Create flexible and categorised menu items with variable pricings and images. You can create categories and sub categories with unlimited menu items.

Customized Hardware

Use a regular computer system for a browser based access or a mobile phone for an android app or a specialised touch screen kiosks for transaction processing.

Single Menu item processing

There are times when a particular POS location only serves a particular item only. The system supports POS usage for a single item only which makes transactions faster.

Ready Integrations

The system is capable of supporting multiple identity modes of various kinds of smart cards and biometric systems. It can also be integrated with other ERP systems through web services.

Online recharges

Since the system is browser based the wallet user is given access to his/her account through which they can check their usage and also do the top online through a payment gateway.

Where can we use ePurse in a Campus?

Campus Canteen

Use the prepaid wallet for faster and smoother payments at Canteens.


Pay the fines and membership fees without worrying about the exact change.

Utility Store

Pickup that utility item from the campus shop with the swipe of your card.

Hostel Mess

No need to pay using cash for your meals in Hostel Mess.