Classroom Attendance Automation

Faster, simpler, digital attendance

Classroom attendance automation at a Glance

Smart Technology

System can use smart cards, fingerprints or facial recognition methods for identification.

Digitalised Information

All the records are automatically stored digitally in a secured server which can be accessed anytime.

Mobile or wall mounted options

System supports both mobile and wall-mounted data captuting devices which are rugged and state of the art.

Configurable dashboard

Realtime information is available over a configurable software dashboard for ease of access.

WHY Classroom Attendance Automation?

> Is it taking too much of time to take attendance regularly in the classroom?

> Are you still using the old paper registers for classroom attendance?

> Do you wish to unburden the job of taking attendance from the teacher?

> How about digitalizing your attendance records and using smart technologies for the same?

If any of the above is true then you should look to automate your classroom attendance using latest, smart and digital methods...

About CELECT classroom attendance software & hardware systems...

CELECT Classroom Attendance Management Systems is a browser based solution which helps to manage multiple classrooms in a campus through a centralised interface. We've taken a simplistic but at the same time roboust approach for this solution development so as to ensure that the transactions are processed faster and the system provides multiples features and options.

The system can be hosted in house or in our secure cloud servers. Usage of cloud also ensures that system can accessed from anywhere in the world. System does not present any limitations in terms of the number of classrooms or identities to manage, it is one system for the entire campus, even for multiple departments.

CELECT also offers multiple hardware items required for the smooth working of a the system like smart ID cards, card readers, fingerprint scanners, facial recognition devices, mobile or wall mounted readers etc.

Classroom Attendance System Features:

Simple design

Manage complex processes using simple interfaces and the power of cloud for ease of use.

Hardware Options

Use smart cards, fingerprints or facial recognition for identification system, either mobile or wall mounted.

Ready Integrations

The system is capable of integrating with any ERP systems or management system through web services.