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Manage your rooms from a centralized system without having to visit the room using a browser based system.


Check Availability and book room on the go through a web browser without having to call for help.


Give conditional access to employees and visitors as and when you need to, so that they have a smooth experience.


Use display units to show current and upcoming meeting just outside meeting rooms so that there are no confusions. more...


Having trouble managing your meeting rooms?

Have no idea which room has what facilities?

Do you need to call everytime to check if a room is free?

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About CELECT Meetings Room Manager Software & Hardware Systems...

CELECT Meeting Room Manager is a browser based solution which helps to manage multiple meeting or conference rooms in an organization in real time. Its simple design and smooth information flow ensures minimal clicks for meeting room booking. Versatile features of the system also display real time availability and facilities present in a meeting room.

The system can be hosted in house or in our secure cloud servers. Usage of cloud also ensures that system can accessed from anywhere in the world. System does not present any limitations in terms of the number of locations to manage, it is one system for the entire organization, even in multiple cities.

CELECT also offers Gate Displays as per the organizations requirement to display the current and upcoming meeting information at the entry of the meeting rooms. This ensures minimal disturbance by people who are looking for a meeting room, while a meeting is underway in the way

Other integrations like invites to people, access control, visitor’s management are possible on a click.


Booking on the Go!

Manage all the bookings either on your desktop or from your mobile anywhere in the campus or outside with the power of cloud

Customized Hardware

Use a wall mounted display or a floor mounted panel to display meeting details outside meeting rooms.

Meeting Invites

Send meeting invites to multiple people when you book the room including welcome email and details about the meeting.

Ready Integrations

CELECT Meeting Room Manager can be directly integrated with VIZSENSE Visitors Management System, Assets Management System and Digital Signage System.

Access Control

If the meeting room is equipped with Access Control System, then only the invited persons will be allowed access into the room.

Innovative Software

Innovative software features enable the users to manage the resources better like Recurring Bookings, early room release, no show releases

Best Meeting Room Manager on the cloud

A physical meeting is a very crucial part of an organization that develops trust, helps people being included, and gathers ideas to make things successful. In other words, bringing people together in one room and discussing a vital topic works as a fuel to run a company.

What is a Meeting Room Manager and why do we need one?

Throughout our experience as an automation solutions provider, we noticed that almost every organization worldwide face multiple problems when it comes to managing meeting rooms. There are various key challenges the company encounters while booking a meeting using conventional methods.

  • Cumbersome booking: On a daily basis, people in an organization might have to undergo many portals just to arrange a single meeting. This tiresome process often leads to a lack of productivity, a waste of valuable time, and money.
  • Finding a room: Since there is no centralized portal, if an employee needs to book a room, he/she virtually has to manually checkout the rooms and see if anyone is available.
  • Real-time status of the meeting: A lot of times booking a meeting can be frustrating because of a lack of communication between the software and the employees. This may lead to booking a ghost meeting which no-one attends or booking a meeting twice which gives rise to confusion.
  • Optimization of resources: Due to the lack of a common board or dashboard, employees are often unable to understand the number of meetings being held in a day. This indicates improper optimization of resources.

As a trusted company in the area of the excellent visitor management system, we took a step forward to tackle these issues associated with meeting rooms.

Our analysis made us realize how crucial it is to have a technically advanced system that can manage everything to organize a meeting. This is when we came up with the idea to launch our incredible browser-based solution, CELECT Meeting Room Manager. It will not only ease up the work to organize the meeting but also help in making things pretty straight forward.


Room display panels are customised to be displayed inside the meeting rooms or even outside the meeting room.


Display room

Room display panels are customised to be displayed inside the meeting rooms or even outside the meeting room. CELECT supports two versions of Customer Entry Display Unit:

- android based

- iOS based


Centralised dashboards

Main centralised dashboards with BIG display screens are used to showcase the room availability and can be placed at strategic locations. It can be single or multiple units placed at the strategic locations or waiting areas. CELECT supports two versions of Dashboard displays:

- android based

- thin client based