VIZSENSE - Visitors Management System

Track every person, every item, every time...

VIZSENSE is a cloud based, multi branch Visitors Management System which helps organisations to manage visitors flow better through secure visitors identity management. VIZSENSE can be used in corporate offices, factory front offices, society entrances, schools, universities among others.

VIZSENSE at a glance

Power of Cloud

Why depend on desktop based systems when you can unleash the power of cloud.

Real time system

The real time sync of the data ensures that the administrator gets live reports.

Years of experience

VIZSENSE provides customised hardware items for specific visitors management system requirements.

Dedicated Service

VIZSENSE provides support & service through dedicated relationship managers.

Why Visitors Management System is important...

Visitor management system is used to track the usage of a building or site by its visitors. A Visitor Management System can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts. It is also supposed to help in office productivity in saving time of the front office staff. Needless it shall also be helpful in customer experience enhancement.

How about knowing which visitor is visiting which person in the office? What is the reason for most footfall in your premises? A Visitors Management System can answer a lot of such queries.

More Security

In the current context it is very important to know your visitors. Using the usual forms the organisation has got almost no information. Using VIZSENSE they have a lot of digital information.

Visitors Experience

Why waste time in filling manual forms if you can save time by automating the tasks. Whats more, the visitors subsequent visits are even faster as the system has already for previous data it can rely on.

Brand Image

How do your visitors think of you? Your image is formed in the minds of customers based upon the their experience with you, both online & offline.


Organisations are increasingly making efforts to ease the worflow of front desks. VIZSENSE helps in saving staff time & energy as it tends to automate majority of the processes.


VIZSENSE is best of class. Its best feature is the Ease of Use. Boasting of centralised dashboard and enterprise level customizations, VIZSENSE is ideally placed to be the best option for your front office. Features like self registration and kiosk registrations help in a long way to unburden your front office from mundane tasks.

VIZSENSE is ideal for big corporates or small offices. It is ideal for societies and apartments. VIZSENSE can integrate with multiple hardware items and can provide multiple configuration options.

Different notification options help to keep the visitors & employees informed and in sync. Also appointment module help in pre approvals and time savings. There are multiple other things like extensive reporting and different add ons.

  • Complete digital logbook.
  • Option to use various hardware components like full kiosks, tablets or regular PC.
  • Visitor self enrolment version available.
  • ID Card scanners for faster data inputs.
  • Fingerprint and facial scanner integrations.
  • Appointments work both ways: by visitor or by employee.
  • Real time notifications through SMS, email, app.
  • Regulatory compliances for emergency.
  • Additional features like NDA signing, additional questions.

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