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How can online & mobile queuing help in better queue management?

Usual queuing systems employ a linear method of issuing token on site when the customer is within the premises. So the customer walks into the servicing area and takes a token from the token vending station. Post that the customer starts to linger around in the area hoping that his / her token will be called soon. This system has certain inherit problems. Lets list them down.


How self-service helps in customer satisfaction?

Being in control, transparency, better time management eventually leading into better results are some of them. Self-service offers customers to experience the same feelings as being independent. These days’ customer expectations are as demanding as they ever have been and customer satisfaction is what every business is aiming to achieve.


Why QUEUE Management is better for employee performance?

A Queue management software does not ensure the satisfaction of your customers only but also helps in Staff satisfaction. Since the most of the staff is free from the registration work or managing the queues, they can be allocated to actual work: Customer Service.


Why does customer feedback matter?

Customer satisfaction is extremely important. In todays world it is more than important. Imagine a bad tweet of a few words reaching millions on internet. There is no coming back from that. That is why it is worth to take some extra efforts to understand your customer problems.


Why does measuring footfall in libraries make sense?

CELECT believes that the concept of footfall can also be applied in the working of libraries but the question is, how? While libraries are facing difficulty to attract more and more people to the area, measuring footfall can be a good idea to drive more traffic towards the library. Still, confused? Read on to find out how...


Why a Visitor Management System is a Must?

No matter how advanced things have become these days, there is still a part of the society that neglects to adopt innovative ideas. Similarly, many companies, across the world are not in support of a visitor management system just because they have a wrong perception about it.


Pricing of Visitors Management System: What is Worth Every Penny?

Visitors management system comes with a variety of prices. Some costs peanuts while others demand a lot of money. But, how can you judge if the one you choose is worth every penny you spent or not? There are many ways to do that but the most important one is understanding its features.


5 Myths about a Visitors Management System...

You may have heard about Visitor management system or must have seen many companies using it but when it comes to the security of your company, there is still a part of you that stops you from installing it. What are these myths and what is the truth behind them? Let’s figure out and debunk them.


Signs That Show You Need a Visitor Management System.

One question to all the companies, how many of you take the security of the premises seriously? Not many. The records show that until something happens at the office, the authorities do not take actions against security matters.


Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Visitor Management System

A visitor management system is all about maintaining an excellent level of security in the company. While the system does its job, the company starts doubting its performance because it does not match their expectations. So, what questions should you ask before making the payment for the visitor management system? We are here to help you.


Different Types of Visitor Management System and Their Uses

From pen and paper to a highly computerized system, a visitor management system comes in a variety of forms. Moreover, every system has its own quality that makes it perfect for organizations. So, what are these types? We have a list of a few of the best and most used systems. Read on and see what they are used for...


Schools Reopening: How Would The Entry Process Change For Visitors?

School and other education centers are places that attract hundreds of people daily. To prevent the spread of the disease, certain actions are required to be taken by the systems. One thing is for sure, the process of visitor’s management in such places is going to experience a drastic change.


How to mitigate your COVID 19 risks using a good visitor management system?

World Health Organization says that it is very important to monitor the effectiveness of preventive measures, and the compliance of workers, visitors, customers, clients and sub-contractors with the measures. As the world is getting back to work after months, it does not mean that the fight again COVID 19 is over. It is still going on and it has become vital for offices to follow preventive measures.


Identity Methods for Libraries: Smart cards, Biometrics or Facial?

CELECT is one of the leading distributed smart library solution providers that helps libraries to overcome various challenges it faces regularly. One of these challenges is identification. Therefore, we provide high-tech identification methods to the libraries such as Smart cards, Barcodes, Fingerprints, Facial recognition, and much more.


LIBCON response to COVID19: coronavirus.

COVID-19, coronavirus has been here for some time now and it seems like it is here to stay atleast for some time more. The science is yet to find a medicine for it and so it seems difficult that the life shall get back to normal anytime soon. At LIBCON, we have tried to do our bit to help the libraries stop the spread of this pandemic.


Visitors Appointment System: How it works?

A Visitors appointment system, as the name suggests, is a system that helps in organizing the meetings and appointments from both visitor’s and employee’s end. In other words, it is a system by which the complex procedure of arranging appointments can be eased up.


Visitor management system for a WOW experience for the customers.

A business means nothing if it cannot satisfy the customer with its services. However, this satisfaction is not only limited to the services or product but also the its visibility. It should ideally be visible in the most unique ways. It has to follow the latest trends and give the best of the vibes.


Why choose visitor management software over traditional visitors logbook?

Gone are the days when the traditional ways of keeping logbook were used in the name of visitor’s management. As the world is moving faster towards development, people are gaining interest in new technologies. Nowadays, companies prefer computerized management software over outdated logbooks for so many reasons.


How to use an efficient visitor’s management system to save time and money?

Visitor’s management, the process of tracking the usage of a building or site by people, has transformed over time. We are living in a world where everything experiences unexpected advancement. Hence, why stick to old ways of managing people in the building when we can make things easier with automatic systems?


Why is the tracking visitors important for your safety and security?

Safety and security are the topmost priorities for anyone, especially during this coronavirus pandemic. It makes tracking of visitors a vital part of any premises to ensure utmost protection. What other reasons make tracking visitors a significant step for any organisation? Let’s discover.


How does RFID work: Science & technology behind the systems!

RFID is a short form of radio-frequency identification. RFID was first used in World War II. Its first application was of identifying airplanes as friend or foe in World War II. It surely has come a long way since then. It is part of a bigger group of technologies called as Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC). AIDC means automatic collection of data and information and processing of that information in different systems.


Corporate office security: How can visitors tracking help?

The number of crimes is increasing especially in workplaces. The one reason behind it is the lack of visitors tracking system. Where small companies often ignore this fact, huge companies invest a large amount of money on security persona or any technology that can make the businesses secure.


Self service means better service...

Self-service offers customer’s with self-help functions which allows them to choose the most suitable options without any interfere and as per their requirements. In order to enhance customer experience it is important to maintain customer service at highest level and self-service plays a key role in achieving that.


Relevance of mobile apps for library usage.

The world is moving towards mobile apps and so must the libraries. It is not about just having a website for information flow, but being able to communicate with the user in a mobile platform.


Why should library shift to KOHA LMS?

Koha is an open source Integrated Library System (ILS). It is used world-wide by school, institute, universtities libraries. It gives you complete control, without any dependence on proprietary systems & life long system enhancements.


Features of a perfect visitors management system

The system through which you can track the usage of a building or premises by the people is what it is all about a visitors management system. However, there are many people like you who are confused about what characteristics makes a system an ideal one. Well, we have the answer to your question.


Library automation: Why and how to go about it...

Automation of library means using a technology to automate all the processes that are conducted in the library on daily basis. An automated library has improved services like making circulation and book locating processes easier for the staff. This is turn saves time and also staff satisfaction and performance.