5 Myths about a Visitors Management System!

Once George Orwell said, “Myths which are believed intend to become true”. This quote goes with almost everything, especially when it comes to adopting the right technology for the company.

You may have heard about Visitor management system or must have seen many companies using it but when it comes to the security of your company, there is still a part of you that stops you from installing it.

There are certain myths about the visitor management system that have become the hurdle of having the utmost security in the company. What are these myths and what is the truth behind them? Let’s figure out and debunk them.

1. It involves complex maintenance and installation

Having known as a beauty technology to offer visitors an unforgettable experience, a visitor management system is assumed to be a difficult thing to manage. However, on the contrary, people love this technology just because it is super easy to use and maintain.

Visitor management system works with a simple login setting that allows the staff to maintain the information and data. A good system helps provide straightforward solutions that not only save time but also the money spent otherwise. Moreover, in the name of maintenance, all you need to do is change the rolls for the printer, arrange data as per your choice, check for the backup, and other similar tasks.

2. Visitor management systems are not secure

Many people still believe in the myth that the visitor management system is not as secure as it is said to be. This is truly false because this outstanding digital system has proven to be excellent to retain security in the premises. Studies and surveys represent that it is one of the major steps towards the privacy protection of the company.

Once the company installs a visitor management software, the information of each individual, may that be an employee or the visitor, is saved in the software. This is much better than traditional record-keeping. Especially when the company uses a cloud-based system.

3. Your organization is too small for a visitor management system

When we talk about a visitor management system, many might think that it is meant only for big brands and large corporations. Just because one company is small does not mean there is no need for a visitor management system..

While looking at the benefits of such software, it can be seen that every company must have it irrespective of the size of the company. Always remember, it is a necessity and not a luxury system that only contributes to the branding of big corporate offices.

Signs That Show You Need a Visitor Management System

4. Visitor management systems are difficult to use

In an office where dozens of visitors arrive daily, the staff wonder how they would be able to use the system to register themselves. In this sense, the company starts thinking that a computerized visitor management system is not worth it. It is opposite in fact.

A visitor management system can be used by the visitors without the guidance of any staff member. It comes with a unique home screen that displays the steps they have to go through. When directions to use is described in detail, anyone would be able to fill the digital form with ease.

Besides, it works in a variety of ways such as fingerprint, facial recognition, sign-in system, and more that make it easy for people to use the system.

5. A visitor management system is very pricy

Those who think that a visitor management system might cost an arm and a leg, it is not quite the case in reality. You might think that being an advanced technology, installing it would be a big decision considering finance. Well, it is not true because companies that offer the visitor management system also offer a variety of price range.

A system can cost as low as a few bucks or can be as expensive as thousands of dollars. It all depends on the features, special services, type of software, components, and more. So, it is better to deal with in a fixed budget because the market offers the services in a variety of price range.

Pricing of Visitors Management System: What is Worth Every Penny?

Warapping Up: Stop believing in false information and such popular myths about the visitor management system. Try it yourself and see how wonderful it will stand out to be. Contact us to know more about how we can simplify the onboarding process for you.

Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.

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