The future of visitors' management is touchless identification. What are the various ways?

The spread of novel coronavirus disease has made human beings aware of the significance of hygiene. Maintaining the level of health has made traditional methods of identification, such as fingerprint, cards, logbooks etc. worthless when it comes to supporting social distancing.

The time has arrived when there is a need to raise the bar of visitor’s management. From 2020 onwards, the stake around safety and compliance is going to increase and will not say limited to the front desk. Therefore, many authorities around the world have suddenly made a shift of their focuses on contactless-based modalities for an extended period.

As the touch-based identification process will no longer maintain the brand image, it is time to go for touchless means. So, what options do we have to substitute basic methods of identification to touchless and more advanced ones? Read on to find out.

1. Mobile Check-in

Mobile can be used for so many things apart from just calling or playing games. When it comes to the identification process, one can go with the mobile check-in process that allows visitor management without making physical contact with the person. May it be about sending OTP, QR-based digital ID, or a customized app, this touchless identification can be a suitable alternative option for many areas.

2. Facial Recognition

If you can unlock your smartphones without touching it, then why not use this technology to improve identification system in offices? It is an AI-based technology that uses the human face for the identification process. This touchless system uses features such as face length, jaw-line, the shape of the cheekbones, and eye-socket depth. Using facial recognition it is easier to identify the visitors without them touching anything.

3. Pre-Authorized Entries

While looking for touchless identification for better visitor management, why not authorize visitors in advance? Once the visitor is registered in the system, it will automatically send an invitation to the visitor in a matter of seconds. The visitor can show that invitation at the front desk and enter the premises without touching anyone for the identification purpose. This is greatly accomplished in the appointments module of VIZSENSE. Appointments can be requested and preauthorized for faster and safer processing at the front desk.

We know how worrisome current scenario is and how it is going to change the entire visitor management system. Our VIZSENSE visitor management system can be your friend in keeping things under control. Not only it works with the latest technology but will also assure you touchless identification process. Hence, rely upon this cloud-based system, take advantage of its great features and safeguard your premises from any infection.

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Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.