Different Types of Visitor Management System and Their Uses

Apart from employees, many visitors come and go in an office which makes a visitor management system a vital part to maintain the goodwill of the company. When we talk about a visitor management system, there is no one type that every company uses.

From pen and paper to a highly computerized system, a visitor management system comes in a variety of forms. Moreover, every system has its own quality that makes it perfect for organizations.

So, what are these types? We have a list of a few of the best and most used systems. Read on and see what they are used for.

1. Computer-based system

As the technology took its turn in making the world a better place, companies started adopting new means of systems. One such way is through using computer-based visitor management systems. While computers became a substitution for almost everything then why not a visitor management system?

A computer-based system is better than the traditional paper-based logbooks because it improves many negative points of the outdated system. Computers usually work best because of the least paper wastage. When this type of VMS is used, the check-in, check-out, and pre-visiting appointments are made easy. Besides, this system helps in monitoring and recording of information and collects visitors ID for the national, local, and in-house database.

2. Visitor management system on smartphones

As the name suggests, this type of visitor management system is meant to be used via smartphones. Both visitors and staff members can use it just can any other application on their mobile phones.

Such VMS is made for better and quick functioning of the entire process. It usually works with the help of a QR Code or a geofencing. This makes it one of the best solutions for a touchless and easily-accessible visitor management system.

When it comes to uses, the best thing about a smartphone-based VMS is its ability to send real-time notifications. Because of this amazing feature, instant action can be taken, for instance, quickly allowing or denying a visitor request and appointments.

3. Cloud-based VMS

Till date, the cloud-based VMS is the most advanced and high-tech visitor management system that has everything a company ever looks for. The interface used is connected to the cloud on which all the information of visitor management is stored and displayed. This cloud is a SaaS solution which allows you to control what people are using and what services are you allowing in the premises.

The cloud-based visitor’s management system is the best option amongst all because of only one reason, security. When every information, listing of people, individual records, and more are stored in one place, things become easier for the management.

4. Pen and Paper visitor management system

Pen-and-paper visitor management system is one of the most traditional forms of systems which is still being followed by a number of companies. It is all about entering all your details in a manual form and then proceed further with the purpose of your visit.

Paper logbooks are generally used by companies with low budget or technical limitations but there are many drawbacks to this type of VMS. One of the biggest consequence is security. Paper logbooks are not as secured and efficient as any other visitor management systems.

Lately, the pen-and-paper system is being replaced by other technological alternatives with a view to eliminating the use of paper. Moreover, these alternatives are better, more secure, and effective in the long run.

The future of visitors' management is touchless identification. What are the various ways?

Warapping Up: A visitor management system comes in a variety that is meant for diverse companies. Pick the right one and enjoy the easy-going management services. Contact us today and we can help you in choosing the best one for you.

Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.

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