Identification methods in libraries: Smart cards, Biometrics or Facial?

While the world is increasing its needs for artificial intelligence, the libraries should also adapt mature methods of technology. Smart solutions for the library has become a necessary step towards better working and providing the best to the visitors.

CELECT is one of the leading distributed smart library solution providers that helps libraries to overcome various challenges it faces regularly. One of these challenges is identification. Therefore, we provide high-tech identification methods to the libraries such as Smart cards, Barcodes, Fingerprints, Facial recognition, and much more.

But the question is, how do these identification methods work and how they are so useful? Read on to find out.

Barcode Based Cards

Barcodes are typically famous for keeping records of inventory in stores. As far as libraries are concerned, barcodes can be a great way to make identification more advanced when used on cards. Barcodes are mostly used for spine labels and book barcode labels in the libraries.

But it can also be used for patron identification cards. The reason behind why it is a popular choice across membership cards is that it allows identification simply through a quick computerized scanning and easy data accessibility.

LIBCON provides simple barcode printers and scanners for faster rollout of the barcode based systems. It can be used for both book labels and patron identifications. Barcode based systems are much better than the manual systems as it makes system entry of patrons id or book id effortless.

Smart Cards

In this era of smart TVs and Smart Phones, many areas are following the smart technology in identification process as well. The wide use of smart cards is directly related to the large volume of information and functions that are programmed into it. When various identity factors and proximity authentication are embedded into these smartcards, security takes a significant increase in the process.

The team of LIBCON works diligently to provide its customers with the best of smart cards. Hence, the range of contactless smart cards we offer comes with different memory segments such as 1K or 4K. We also provide smart cards for multiple protocols like ISO 14443A/B or ISO 15693. Know what type you want and we will guarantee the best of this technology.

Fingerprint Scanners

We are all familiar with the fact that every single person on the planet has their unique fingerprint. When this is applied in the identification process, things become more clear and speedy.

Fingerprint scanners, provided by LIBCON, have become one of the best identification systems to give very accurate results. Moreover, being an economical device, these amazing scanners are very easy to use, give unique results, and, most importantly, acquire very little space in the system. LIBCON provides various biometric options for identity management.

Facial recognition

If we go back a few decades, facial identification would seem an unbelievable scientific fantasy. However, today, it has become common practice not just in smartphones but in various areas such as offices and factories. Facial recognition is renowned as a super-safe identification method that protects thieves and burglars from entering the premises. It also helps law enforcement agencies to tackle the crimes and identify criminals.

LIBCON’s facial recognition system follows a rapid and automatic process to provide utmost safety to the libraries. Further, the devices which are used for facial recognition offer seamless integration and advanced tools to make identification uncomplicated and expeditious.


Today, the world is enjoying the incredible benefits of technology and computers. It is time to get rid of the traditional identification processes and adapt new and high-tech options. Therefore, these magnificent identification options provided by LIBCON will make your work a lot easier and reliability at very low prices.

COVID19: coronavirus update


LIBCON has modified its applications related to self check systems to include facial recognition. These features should further help libraries to maintain no contact processes as the identification is done through a camera thus avoiding any contact.

Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.