Need for automation of fine payments in libraries!

Libraries perform a vital function in our education system. However, as the accessibility of books is increasing, manual operation is becoming lower in its efficiency and management. So, there is a need for libraries to move hand in hand with technological advancement not just in issuing books but also in payment matters like fines.

Hence, the team of LIBCON came up with the idea of automation of fine payment that will develop the process and system to minimize the work and necessity of human intervention in the fine collection process.

Fine payment and receipts can both be nuisances for library patrons as well as staff.


Get rid of traditional methods

Gone are the days when you had to bring cash to the library to pay out fines. These fine can be charged on overdue items or loss of any item you once borrowed from the library. With the new and innovative automation method developed by LIBCON, you can eliminate this step and simply make payment through digital sources.

By applying the automation of fines in the library, the staff can take advantage of the digital methods of payment and collect fines via mobile apps, credit or debit cards, net banking, etc. Now, imagine how easier things will get for the library members & library staff as well

Make things easier

We, at CELECT, believe that the manual systems are pretty difficult which is why automation becomes a better way to make things easier for the staff. As far as the collection of fines is concerned, the staff can work in uploading the calculation on the digital platform rather than keep the huge paperwork of each borrower.

All the digital stuff is managed perfectly in ILS/LMS system like koha. In case of any overdue, lost or missing book, records can be accounted for every individual more efficiently making it easier for the library to recover costs and managing the collection better. Besides, users can make easy payments and debit the fine amount from their accounts with a few easy steps.

Save time with automation

There is a lot of work to do for the library staff may it be about keeping inventory records, making requests, and much more. In this situation, automation becomes handy in diverse areas of handling duties such as fines. Also, it has become significant to go along with the technological advancement that not only makes things easier but also saves a lot of time for human workers. So, the automation we provide is fully computerized that helps the library make efficient use of time and keep records more systematically and accurately.


Say no to discounts

There are times when, during the payment of fines, the user may ask for discounts in one or the other way. No library can provide discounts to users who break the rules of the library. In that sense, automating the system can bring this to an end, since there is no manual intervention.


The team of LIBCON works hard towards finding the best solutions for the issues every library faces. Where fines are often ignored by many, we look forward to making things easier for the diligent library staff. Hence, save time, be reliable, decrease the burden, and enjoy the digital process via automation of fines.

Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.