Post Covid-19 Office Opening: Why Visitors Management is a must?

Gone are the days when we could welcome anyone in our offices. We never know whether the person entering our office is covid positive or negative. It has become so hard to deal with the visitors considering the pandemic and its effects?

Well, things are pretty chaotic currently and it is going to change the systems and processes in premises entirely. This is why automation of the system is required especially when it comes to handling visitors.

It shall not simply mean to capture his or her information. It is about much more now. It is about being contactless, it is a about capturing more information and it is about maintaining social distancing.

We have a solution to make things easier for you. VIZSENSE, a cloud-based system, is the best solution for your front office that eliminates all the boring tasks and allows touchless self-registration. From creating a brand image, best visitors experience to accelerating productivity and ensuring security, VIZSENSE system is meant to save your time and making such a chaotic system a lot simpler.

1. Keeping a Track via Visitors Management

Tracking the number of visitors on the premises is as important as keeping track of traffic. Keeping a track includes a number of people on the premises, their time of arrival, areas they can visit, and the length of their stay. By keeping a track, the management can control the number of people in the area, hence, ensuring the safety of the people.

With the help of our VIZSENSE system, you can record each visit as it is based on single identity methods and captures photography, identity, signatures and more of an individual. Besides, it lets you know the records of overstaying visitors and prepares a grey list of individuals who are taking advantage of the open policies.

2. Safety of Employees Working With The Fear

As the unlock process has started, people are scared of going back to their workplaces because of uncontrollable human interaction. To provide the utmost safety and security to the employees, it is important to manage visitors in an efficient manner. In other words, employees will feel safe only after they are sure that the visitors have gone through proper management and screening process.

VIZSENSE can make things easier as it works as per the preference of the staff. From tablets, self-registration Kiosks, to touch panels, card scanners, biometrics, and badge printer, it comes with a variety of ways for automation of the entire process.

3. Safe Environment For The Visitors

Visitors need to be made aware of the steps a particular organization is taking to keep the virus at bay. Let’s make no secrets of the fact that it is hard and risky for people to pay their visit anywhere. The fear of getting in contact with the virus is in every individual. That is human nature.

When the visitor visits a premises his first interaction is with the front desk staff and the systems. To make sure a visitor-friendly environment, VIZSENSE can lend you a helping hand. It shows the organization is concerned about the safety of the visitors and the staff both. The system is advance in the way where not only it displays details of the visitors but also showcase evacuation list to take necessary actions whenever required.

We, at VIZSENSE, understand how this pandemic has made things stressful for a lot of industries and businesses. To provide wonderful visitors experience without compromising safety concerns, we have come up with the idea of creating the best ever cloud-based visitors management system that captures visitors demography, visitors logbook, and much more.

Contact us to know more about VIZSENSE can help in your office opening post COVID19.

Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.