Pricing of Visitors Management System: What is Worth Every Penny?

Visitors management system comes with a variety of prices. Some costs peanuts while others demand a lot of money. But, how can you judge if the one you choose is worth every penny you spent or not? There are many ways to do that but the most important one is understanding its features.

What features you need the most in a worthy visitors management system? Before making the payment for any such automatic system, do make sure if it has all the required features or not. So, what features make a visitor management system perfect? Read on to find out.

1. Registration process

One of the best thing that you must expect from a visitors management system is a detailed registration process. Any good system should be able to store the required legal documents and information of the visitors. A quick and smart sign-in process that should leave the visitor impressed by the services.

As a part of an excellent registration process, the visitor’s management system should have the capacity to store the information of unlimited visitors irrespective the size of the company. All these fabulous qualities make the system valuable.

2. Sending notifications and messages

Before losing your purse strings, understand its status of sending out messages and notifications. Why this is important? Well, many might ignore this factor but in times of emergency and chaos in the workplace, this feature of the software comes in handy.

Whenever a special announcement is made, the special visitor arrives, or the state of emergency arises, the system should be able to inform people as fast as it can. Moreover, it should allow the employees to select their choice of mode to receive a notification such as mail and SMS.

3. Peace in times of calamity

Calamities are the unforeseen and unexpected happenings that can make people panic in no time. It becomes the job of a visitor management system to provide solutions in the premises at that time. It should have functions such as easy accounting of every visitor and employees, identification of every individual, and easy allocation of resources in times of emergency.

Many might underestimate the power of a visitor management system in times of emergency but it can help you a lot to bring people to a safe zone. So, make sure the system has everything that can help you tackle such situation easily.

4. Designing and printing

The visitor management system is basically meant to follow a systematic procedure to help offices eliminate disarray. In case a guest needs to arrive at the premises for a few days, a temporary badge is provided. It is the work of the visitor management system to design and print the badge as quickly as possible. It should be able to print the badge with all the necessary information including details of the visitor, the contact person, and purpose of arrival.

5. Reports and data management

Talking about the entry of the visitors, the system you purchase must be able to record the information of whoever visits the building, at what time, and for what purpose. The soul objective of this is to increase the effectiveness of the workplace and save as much time as possible.

Not only the visitor management system should be able to record the information but also have the ability to filter and sort out the information. This type of information helps a lot to find out a particular visitor whenever the need arises. So the system should support detailed reporting formats.

Warapping Up: If the visitor management system you are going for has all these qualities and features, worry not because it will be totally worth every penny you spend. So, think and examine before making the payment. Contact us today to know about how we are providing various features without pinching your budget.

Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.

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