Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Visitor Management System

A visitor management system is all about maintaining an excellent level of security in the company. While the system does its job, the company starts doubting its performance because it does not match their expectations.

Now, it is too late to question the performance of the software. Why? Because the authorities did not ask necessary questions during the time of purchasing the system.

What do I mean by asking questions? If you ask the right questions at the right time, you can eliminate the risk of purchasing the wrong thing. In this case, it is about the visitor management system.

So, what questions should you ask before making the payment for the visitor management system? We are here to help you.

1. Do you need someone to support the system?

Some might ignore it but it is an important question to ask whether you would be needing a staff member or not. Frequently, companies hire a special person or increase the responsibility of the receptionist to maintain the system. They not only take care of the system but also guide the visitors whenever they need some help. Also, this staff takes up the responsibility to contact the support team of the company whenever things get out of control.

This decision depends upon the reliability of the visitor management system because when the system can handle everything by itself, there would be no need to burden the receptionist or hire an individual. So, better ask this question and take decision wisely.

2. How the data of the visitor management system be protected?

Most of the times the visitors are required to submit important documents in the system just for verification purpose. This can be voter ID, Identity card or drivers license. When these documents are submitted, it becomes the responsibility of the company to take care of such belongings.

While purchasing the Visitors management system, it is vital to know how such documents will be protected in the system. Mostly, it is done with the help of ID and password but you can choose your preference.

3. Do I need to decide on a budget?

All companies offer a range of prices for different types of visitor management systems. Some may charge a few bucks while the others cost thousands. They have a price range because offices cannot ignore the price or the systems and purchase the one in their budget.

Set a budget, look for the system with the most suitable features and then decide how well it fits your company. Only after getting the right answer to this question, you can easily buy the software.

4. Should I go for a few features or an entire package?

Just like price range, companies offer packages with a specific service, components, software, and the number of badges. All the features in such packages might not suit your requirements. In this case, you may hesitate to ask for an alternative.

Ask yourself if there is a need to purchase the entire package just because it is cheaper or do you need to customize your package. You may need to find the vendor who is ready to offer you what you need rather than forcing you down to make the payment for what they have to offer.

5. Do I need to ask the same questions, again and again, every time a visitor arrives?

Image if there is a visitor who comes to the office, goes through the identification process and submits all the necessary information in the system. If that same person visits the 10th time, would you still ask him all those questions again?

A visitor management system is an important tool that works to offer visitors the best experience. If they are asked the same questions at every visit, it might spoil the company image. Hence, work for this problem and check if there is a way to save all the information or not.

How to use an efficient visitor’s management system to save time and money?

6. What type of reports will the system record?

The visitor management system records the information of every individual who comes and exits the premises. A computerized system is responsible to analyze the digital data of the visitors. Such information is used to see the trend for security matters or even for non-security subjects such as arrival verification. Therefore, it is crucial to know what kind of reports and data the system would be storing.

Warapping Up: All the above questions are not asked frequently by the companies but act as a major step towards having the best visitor management system for the office. So, it is better to be well-informed beforehand and have the best system you deserve. Contact us for your visitors management requirement and we will try to provide answers to most of your questions.

Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.

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