Schools Reopening: How Would The Entry Process Change For Visitors?

France recorded 70 new cases of coronavirus in schools a week after it let more than a million kids back to school.” This was the news headlines of 18 May 2020 when the government of France finally called for schools to reopen. After this news, every individual is afraid to send their children to schools. But a virus can no longer stand between the education of uncountable students.

School and other education centers are places that attract hundreds of people daily. To prevent the spread of the disease, certain actions are required to be taken by the systems. One thing is for sure, the process of visitor’s management in such places is going to experience a drastic change. So, how the fatal virus is going to change the entry process for the guests in the schools? Let’s figure out.

1. Pre-Registration Process

Before entering the building, visitors would now need to register themselves right in advance. Opening the application on their respective systems and mentioning their details along with the purpose of the visit would be necessary. This will not only save the time of the guests but will also eliminate the chaos they can encounter during their visit. Besides, limited people will prove to be a great way of maintaining social distance. VIZSENSE can help in this case by usage of pre appointment modules.

2. Visiting Protocols

Visitors may be required to go through a screening process before entering the building. They will be needing to submit a digital form or manual form with details about their recent history. This history may contain questions about travelling, containment zone, and coming in contact with a COVID19 positive person. This will enable the authorities to lower the risk as much as they can.

Again VIZSENSE helps in recording all the details of the visitor in secure servers which can be accessed if the need arises.

3. Required Policies

Malls, offices, restaurants, and many other places have reopened after months but certain policies are compulsory almost everywhere. Even if it is about visitor’s registration, temperature check, regular sanitization, and the wearing of a mask. These policies will be mandatory in schools as well. Moreover, many institutions may ask visitors to show their coronavirus test results to be more secured.

4. Enough Space In The Lobby

We all are familiar with the fact of how dangerous social gathering is at this moment. The virus can spread from person to person in no time, hence, making it significant to maintain social distancing. Like other places, school lobby must have enough space to mark areas 6 feet away from each other. Enough space will ensure required social distancing amongst people who will be paying their visits to the school.

A year back little did we know that the world is going to change so badly. However, until things will be under control, there is a need to follow certain norms to fight against the deadly virus. It is better to follow precaution than putting the lives of others in danger. So, cope up with the change in the process of visiting the education centers and keep a distance from the Coronavirus.

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Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.