Self service means better service using Self Check & Book Drop Box systems

What are the feelings you experience when you are independent? Being in control, transparency, better time management eventually leading into better results are some of them. Self-service offers customers to experience the same feelings as being independent. These days’ customer expectations are as demanding as they ever have been and customer satisfaction is what every business is aiming to achieve. That’s where self-service adds value to achieve customer satisfaction. Either you are looking for to issue a book quickly or wish to return a book faster, self-service can make things easier for you.

Dependency is a Curse!

What is self-service?

Self-service offers customer’s with self-help functions which allows them to choose the most suitable options without any interfere and as per their requirements. In order to enhance customer experience it is important to maintain customer service at highest level and self-service plays a key role in achieving that. They can choose exactly what they want. Customers enjoy these experiences because they are able to decide what suits them best by directly interacting with kiosk rather than answering questions from executive.

Convenience and time savings

Self-service is about providing convenience to the customers as they can use the service at their leisure via any channel of their choosing at their ease. This presents ease of use for the patrons. Since they are not dependent on any other person from the library, then can save a lot of time.

Complete transparency & accessibility

Self-service offers real-time visibility on status of your request. There is no manual intervention. Customer is able to select his requirements and the application is system driven. This ensures customer is in sync with the system and the system is accessible anytime.

No more queues

Waiting for your turn in different sectors for getting your work done is the most daunting task as a customer. Self-service can do wonders here. You will not have to wait for your turn. Suppose a patron has to return a book. For that he need not wait at the counter in the queue. If the book drop box is installed in the library, he can simply drop the book there and even get a confirmation through email and/or sms. This saves time for all and shortens queques at the circulation counters.

Better results for employees

Using self service methods different customers can be served in short span of time, which will eventually reduce the stress on circulation centres and enhance the work efficiency. This will also reduce the workload on the library staff. Now they can do away with the mundane tasks and start contributing to services of the library in a better manner.


It is not just about having fancy kiosk or a machine in the library. It is about adding value to the ecosystem. Using a self check system or a book drop box the library can bring self service kiosks into the library to enhance the user experience. LIBCON also provides online meeting room manager and fine payment terminals which can add value to the user experience.

LIBCON provides a lot of entry level and advanced systems for Library self service. You can browse the products & services section of LIBCON website or contact CELECT. We will be more than happy to understand more about your requirement and showcase how we help in your automation needs.

Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.