Signs That Show You Need a Visitor Management System.

One question to all the companies, how many of you take the security of the premises seriously? Not many. The records show that until something happens at the office, the authorities do not take actions against security matters.

You know your company needs the best security and what is better than a good Visitors management system. There are signs that show how bad you need a visitor management system. Wondering what are they? Let’s figure out.

1. Employees wasting time to attend a visitor

Generally, when a visitor enters a building, he goes straight to the reception and asks for guidance. Employees waste too much time in the process of helping him out, making him fill the visitor form, and informing the contact person. This time could have been used to do other important tasks without compromising employee’s productivity.

To maintain the level of productivity and save the time of the employees in the office, the most effective solution is a visitor management system. This system will handle everything from taking notes from the visitor to informing the contact person without the help of any employee.

2. Missing records of the visitors

Have you ever had a problem where you lose the records of the visitors ? We all know how important it is to have the information of whoever enters the office because whenever an emergency arises, we simply look for the information in the records. Not many companies can handle these records well.

In a visitor management system, once the details of a visitor are submitted, it cannot vanish until deleted by the authority. Moreover, whenever you need to find the details of a particular visitor, there is no need to dig into the piles of records. You can simply search for it and get everything within seconds.

3. The entrance of unauthorized visitors

There are times when you see unknown people wandering around the office premises. This can be pretty dangerous but, at the same time, you cannot run to every person and ask for their reason to be in the office.

The visitor management system can be a friend in this situation because whoever enters the building has to go through the screening process. Without going through the necessary process, no one can enter the building.

Check our how Corporate office security can be enhanced using a visitors management system.

4. Reduction in paper use

You may be realizing the fact that your office is using too much paper. Moreover, there are huge piles of records of visitor’s information which has become difficult to handle. You are now beginning to think towards the environmental benefit and want to shift to paperless processes.

Having a visitor management software can be a solution for you because whatever you do will stay in the system. You will need no extra space to keep the records and your company will use minimal paper.

5. A huge crowd of people

There are times when you notice a lot of people in the reception and lobby area. You think about how will the staff manage all these people at once. Do you know what you need to tackle such problems? A visitor management system because it will help you manage so many people at once in the office.

The management system has the functions in which visitors can book the meeting in advance and eliminate the need to arrive at the office beforehand. Besides, it will maintain the stability in the premises and allow people to enter the building one by one.

Check our how an efficient visitors management system can save a lot of money and time in managing huge number of visitors in crowded locations.

6. No clue of management during emergency

Many companies, like yours, have no idea about what will happen at the time of emergency. Just in case there is a fire, calamity, or criminal activity that took place in the office and you have not thought about the management in that case then a visitor management system is a must for you.

The system will take care of everything on behalf of the authority. Because it has a list of all the people who are present in the building and can maintain peace by allocating resources evenly.

A good visitors management system can help in great deal to help the authorities in case of an emergency evacuation

7. Still using an outdated system

Is your company still following an old-fashioned, pen and paper system? Nowadays, using an old visitor management system does not show the professionalism of the company. Therefore, it is a need to shift to an advanced system and impress visitors with a brand image and professionalism.

Warapping Up: If you feel that these things are happening with you then you must go for a visitor management system as soon as possible. You will soon realize how handy things will be after the installation of such systems. Contact us and we shall be glad of any assistance we can provide.

Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.

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