Why is the tracking visitors important for your safety and security?

Visitors are one of the essential parts of any corporate office, education center, or even healthcare areas. But how often do we think about tracking visitors in the building?.

Safety and security are the topmost priorities for anyone, especially during this coronavirus pandemic. It makes tracking of visitors a vital part of any premises to ensure utmost protection. What other reasons make tracking visitors a significant step for any organisation? Let’s discover.

1. Ensuring employees safety

Employees come to the office for work because they can feel the security of the place. Imagine if any trespasser enters the building and performs some criminal activities. Such situations contribute to creating tension between the workers. When any outsider visits the office, tracking their movement becomes a significant factor in ensuring the safety of the people working at the premises.

Our VIZSENSE visitor management system offers real-time sync of data with uncomplicated tasks and all-digital information storage.

2. Management Of The Workplace

As far as the professional setting is concerned, the proper administration of the workplaces becomes crucial. It does not just help you maintain professionalism but also allows you to have a positive influence in the office.

The place that attracts several people daily, it becomes difficult to keep a track on every individual’s movement. VIZSENSE can help you capture the data of visitors as individuals and as their types such as delivery, guests, agents, and support staff.

3. Saving Front Desk Security

Generally, reception and lobby areas are two of the most critical front line areas, especially when it comes to the security of the premises. However, people often take it for granted. While most of the people work in a closed room, people at the reception area perform their tasks under critical conditions. From receiving deliveries to managing visitors, these areas are the most important ones that require proper tracking of visitors.

To ease up the work of the front-desk workers, VIZSENSE has a variety of options to make visitors go through a verification process. Such choices include visitor’s enrollment tablet, touch panel, badge printer, biometrics, cards scanner and much more .

4. Having Control at The Premises

When a sound tracking system is used, the officials can make sure to limit the area where visitors can have accessibility. By making necessary alteration, staff can keep the working under the control which could otherwise hinder the flow of management.

To ensure required control over the business area, one can depend on our high-tech VIZSENSE system. The reason behind it is that it notified both employees as well as the visitors when brought in use. Besides, it will help you keep a track on every visitor’s activity and study their pattern whenever desired.

5. Security of People, Data, And Assets

When it comes to security, three areas are found to be the most crucial ones: People working in the premises, Data of the organization, and assets in the building. To prevent any unlawful activity, required visitors tracking system is needed so that authorities can take necessary actions in a matter of seconds.

The VIZSENSE visitor management system works best to make sure security is maintained. It helps in creating a list of visitors who are overstaying in the premises and a grey list of people who are taking advantage of open policies. Also, it allows you to take proper actions whenever an emergency arises.

Our solution, Vizsense, will help you track visitors most professionally and straightforwardly. This cloud-based system can be your good friend in tracking visitors without making you go through the tedious procedure and eliminating long hours.

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Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.