Features of a perfect visitors management system.

Nowadays, people are becoming more tech-savvy than ever before. It is not only about substituting their mobile phones with the latest technologies but also about what systems they are using in their workplaces. One of these latest technologies is the use of a visitor management system.

The system through which you can track the usage of a building or premises by the people is what it is all about a visitors management system. However, there are many people like you who are confused about what characteristics makes a system an ideal one. Well, we have the answer to your question.

1. The level of safety

One of the most vital reasons to install a visitor management system is to ensure the utmost safety and security in the building. An ideal system should have the ability to keep records of each person who enters or exits the building. It should be capable of maintaining multiple lists of people based on their backgrounds. For instance, for fraud visitors, it must create a separate list and allow the authority to take action when required. Besides, it must be able to alert everybody in the building when some unlawful activity takes place.

2. A User-Friendly Interface

Things are made automatic because people want to make everything simple and easy to be used. Therefore, a perfect visitor management system should have an easy-to-use interface. Even if its about the self-registration process or keeping a track on records of the visitors, it must allow the visitors as well as the employees to get access to its functions to make things easier for them. There is no use of a perfect system if the user is not able to use it with ease.

3. An Appointment System

A visitor management system needs to have an advanced form of creating an appointment. Instead of making the person visit the site and request for the appointment, the system should have functions to book one right in advance. By sitting at the home or being in office, it must allow the person to go through an easy login procedure and book an appointment without any hassle.

Further this appointment system should have a mechanism where the person being visits gets an intimation that an appointment is being requested and so can either approve or reject it.

4. Wide Range of Accessibility

Not everybody has the time to sit in front of the computer and access the software. Moreover, in case of an emergency, this step is just impossible. Therefore, a visitor’s management system should have ‘anytime and anywhere’ accessibility functions. It must allow both staff and the visitor to do the work through mobile phones as well. How good it shall be if you can have a dedicated mobile app for it.

5. Support During Calamities

Crises and accidents can happen anytime in the building. Thus, an automatic system should be able to lend a helping hand in such situations. In case of fire or any calamities, a visitor management system must be able to alarm everybody on the premises. Moreover, it should be able to alert everybody via different means, follow organized evacuation procedure, and help to rescue everybody as fast as possible.

6. Flexibility of Usage

Not every firm or office is the same which is why each office has their own rules and preferences. Not only employees are expected to follow these preferences but this also goes for the machines. Similarly, an ideal visitor management system should be scalable and flexible to allow the companies to make changes as per their requirements.

7. Self Registration

Dependence is a curse! We all prefer independence. That’s why a perfect visitor’s management system should have a self-registration module which can be deployed on a kiosk or a panel. The visitor should be able to use the kiosk to register and request an appointment; all by himself; without any dependence on the front office staff.

8. Time Saving

Suppose you have to visit a particular office quite often. And every time the front office there makes you fill lengthy forms which takes good deal of time. No one will like it. It is a wastage of time for the visitor as well as the front office staff.

Compare that to a scenario where you can make that entry only first time and every subsequent time, the system takes the previous details all by itself. Wouldn’t that save everyone’s time? It will. So the system has to help in removing the repetitive tasks, automate the things and eventually save the time for all the stakeholders.

Whenever a company decides to go for a visitor management system, it should look for all these perfections in it. However, we know one place where you can find each of these features and that is VIZSENSE visitor management system. The excellent features, reliability, and international standard in it make it an ideal choice for any office. Try it out once and know what exactly we are talking about.

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Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.