How can a Visitors Management system help in evacuation in case of a calamity like fire or a blast?

A visitors management system is not just about creating a brand name, but also helps in maintaining a visitor-friendly environment and balance in the premises. Not many people know this but an ideal visitor management system comes with a nice evacuation system. Evacuation system, the process of making the premises more secured and lifesaving.

When we talk about the emergency in a building, one thing that sticks our minds is the case of a calamity. Yes, the visitor management system can help you in a lot of ways to keep the people safe from such unpredictable miss happenings. Wondering how? Continue reading.

1. The Evacuation List

Every ideal visitor’s management system has a system in which a separate evacuation list is prepared. As the name suggests, an evacuation list is a list of people who are on the premises at the time of emergency. Through such an evacuation list, necessary actions can be taken in no time. Moreover, authorities can get access to this list from the tablet as well as mobile phones that will enable the evacuation teams to assess the efforts required to evacuate all the people. Further the list also helps in ascertaining whether everyone has been evacuated or not.

2. Better Coordination With The Team

The visitor management system comprises of a dashboard, accessible via mobile phones, that has all the required information. Information includes the number of people, most crowded locations, and other information needed during such an emergency. In case anyone is trapped in the building, he/she can inform others in no time along with their location for better rescue system.

3. Locating Visitors And Staff Members

A visitor’s management system can eliminate the need of going from person to person just to make sure that everybody is in a safe place. The automatic management system will have information about everyone present in the building that will make it easier to locate them in case of a calamity. This record will not only be about the visitors but also the members of the staff.

4. Different Evacuation Points In The System

The visitor management system should know all the evacuation points or exists in the building. When the system has the records of each person present on the premises, the software can easily assign each evacuation points to the groups. In this way, people can get out of the building in case of an emergency in an organized manner and without any hurley burly.

5. Creating Alerts In No Time.

The advanced visitor management system has a lot of features that make it easier to spread the information and alert everybody in no time. The system not only alerts everybody through an alarming noise but will also inform people via emails, text message, or even WhatsApp. This outstanding feature will make it easier for the staff to take action as quickly as possible. Imagine the security staff of the building has discovered a particular calamity which needs people to be evacuated immediately. The visitor’s management system can support a single button click where alerts can be sent to all the visitors and relevant stake holders within moments.

People usually underestimate such computerized systems but a simple visitors management system has a lot to offer than just maintaining a good visitor experience. Hence, our VIZSENSE cloud-based system is just inevitably wonderful because it can offer the support you need to keep people safe and sound whenever some unforeseen circumstances take place. So, get rid of those bulky logbooks and conventional emergency systems and make good use of this smart technology.

Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.