How to mitigate your COVID 19 risks using a good visitor management system?

World Health Organization says that it is very important to monitor the effectiveness of preventive measures, and the compliance of workers, visitors, customers, clients and sub-contractors with the measures. As the world is getting back to work after months, it does not mean that the fight again COVID 19 is over. It is still going on and it has become vital for offices to follow preventive measures.

Mitigation of COVID19 risks can be a burden on the company but there is a solution that can allow companies to use technology more effectively. That solution is a proper visitor management system. It is not just a tool that can help you manage people going in and out of the company but can also provide safety precautions against such fatal disease. Here are some ways in which a good Visitors management system can help you mitigate coronavirus risks.

1. Pre-Registration Of The Visitor

During this pandemic, the one thing people are scared of is coming in contact with some unknown person. To eliminate the need for creating chaos in the workplace, the visitor management system allows visitors to register themselves right in advance. Moreover, if they were to meet a specific person in the office, they can request the appointment instead of coming to the site with the expectation to meet the employee. This pre-registration process can lead to less crowd in the working environment, hence, ensuring safety.

2. Printing Temporary Badges

Some visitors need to come to the office for a few days rather than just 1-2 hours. Such people must have been appointed to do some tasks for the office. These visitors cannot register themselves again and again daily. Therefore, a quality visitor management system allows the staff to print a temporary badge that guests can use to enter the building daily. Besides, such badges can contain their details, date of printing, date of expiry, along with their purpose of visit. In this way, the staff can keep necessary control over such visitors and their activities.

3. Enables Important Information

A good visitor’s management system allows the staff members to get notified whenever required. Such notifications include visitor’s arrival and exit timings, visitor’s check-in information, and even some important information about the office. The visitor management system uses notification methodology and sends messages via text on mobile, Emails, and even the management system’s application.

4. Self-Services For Visitors

Reception and lobby areas often remain crowded with visitors and the staff takes up the responsibility of handling them in an organized manner. To put these areas out of danger, a visitor’s management software is necessary because it allows the visitors to self-register themselves on the system. Therefore, without the need of any staff member, the visitor can put down their details in the software and register themselves in just a few seconds.

5. No Contact Services

The flow of paper from one person to the other can be a cause for the spread of the virus. Hence, the visitor’s management system can reduce the paperwork as everything will in one software. Its no-contact registration process will not only help maintain visitors records without any hassle but also reduce the usage of paper.

Post COVID19 can be a pretty hard time for everybody, especially people working at the offices. Therefore, all you need is a high-tech visitor management system to prevent any spread of coronavirus at your front office. Our VIZSENSE cloud-based system can be the one solution for your workplace because it has everything you want. From secured visitor management, automation of office tasks to self-registration, and advance appointment request, VIZSENSE can make things pretty calm.

Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.