Why choose visitor management software over traditional visitors logbook?

Gone are the days when the traditional ways of keeping logbook were used in the name of visitor’s management. As the world is moving faster towards development, people are gaining interest in new technologies. Nowadays, companies prefer computerized management software over outdated logbooks for so many reasons. Want to know how visitor management software is better than traditional records? Here is the answer.

1. The Flexibility

The computerized visitor management software allows the authorities to take benefit of its flexible and scalable features. The staff can use the system as per their preferences and update it as and when they require.

2. Reduction of Labour Cost

To keep logbooks, companies used to hire staff who could record visitor’s details in the files and registers. With the technologically advanced visitor management system, there is no need to hire extra staff as everything is done automatically. With a few simple steps, the guest can simply add his/her information that goes straight into the software’s storage.

3. Save Paper And Money

In earlier times, tons of paper were dumped unnecessarily because companies used to keep visitor’s records in books and registers. Besides that, as per the surveys, a mid-sized company spends around Rs 10 to 15 laces annually on office products such as paper, pen, and inks. With digital software, you can save the environment by using no paper but only digitalized programs. Moreover, you can also eliminate the extra cost spent on office products if you use appropriate software efficiently.

4. Less Room And Organized Management

Offices that are still using the conventional methods of visitor’s management needs to have enough space to keep huge piles of records containing visitor’s information. However, whenever an emergency arises, they would need a lot of time to look for the records of a particular guest. If the office substitutes the logbooks with the management software, the staff can get access to the information within a few seconds. Besides, the records of lakhs of visitors can be stored in just one machine instead of an entire room.

5. No Office Distractions

Front desk staff often experience a lot of distractions whenever a visitor arrives at the office. The time they use to attend a guest can be used in some other productive task. Hence, companies can increase productivity amongst employees by using the automatic visitor management system. When the check-in is made easier and more user friendly, the staff can focus on more important work rather than staying busy with visitors for long hours.

6. Identify Visitors With Ease

When companies use traditional logbooks, it becomes hard to find information about a visitor who is involved in some wrong activity. The company can get rid of the time and efforts involved in searching for records by using a visitor’s management system. An automatic visitor management software creates a different list of such visitors making it easy for the company to take action when required.

7. Better Security

A visitor management system is not just about creating a visitor-friendly environment but also contributes to maintaining utmost security. How? Well, the software often comes with detailed reporting of each visitor along with evacuation list, grey list, overstaying people, and special reporting. Not only this but the system works with real-time messages, anywhere and anytime accessibility, and alert system. All these characteristics make it a must-have for every company to maintain security on the premises.

8. Establishes Brand Name

Keeping a logbook is way too old-fashion these days. Which is why technology-based visitor management system is all you need to create the best impression on the outsiders who come to the office. The system can have the logo of the company, impressive messages on the display, and constant advertisement of the products company is selling. These features will not only showcase the brand image to the visitors but will also make the entire system more professional.

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Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.