Why a Visitor Management System is a Must?

No matter how advanced things have become these days, there is still a part of the society that neglects to adopt innovative ideas. Similarly, many companies, across the world are not in support of a visitor management system just because they have a wrong perception about it.

However, what they fail to realize is how important it is to have a system to maintain visitors in the office. In a nutshell, a visitor management system is one of the most essential things that you cannot ignore to have in your office.

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Still, thinking what makes it so important? We have listed a few of the reasons for a better understanding. Read on and find out on your own.

1. Brand and company show off

Believe it or not, a visitor management system can do a lot in showcasing the goodness of a company. Once put to use, it becomes the brand identity in no time. Wondering how a system can make your brand a hit? A simple way to do this is by asking yourself some questions.

  • Do you expect to wait for the front-desk staff when they are on a break?
  • How would you feel being stopped at the entrance and made to fill a manual form?
  • Would you ever like to wait for hours to meet the contact person?

All of these things happen when companies use traditional methods.

A visitor management system would be a perfect solution to create an amazing first impression of your company. When visitors arrive they judge everything in seconds. Therefore, bring a smile on their faces by offering them good treatment and a welcoming environment.

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2. Easy record-keeping and data protection

Without a visitor management system, anyone can enter the building and there will be no record of his/her arrival. This is where the system stands friendly because not only it records the visitor’s details but also keep them in a traceable, searchable and easily accessible database.

Where the visitor management system offers a solution to collect all the records, it also allows the privacy protection of those records. There might be some important documents of the visitors and the company is responsible to take care of them. Hence, it offers the sign-in system to prevent it from any mishappening.

3. Visitor management system for security

In an office, dozens of people come and go daily. Many might come with an intention to fulfil there purpose but there might be a few arrive with a false intention. It can be harassment, violence, theft, or vandalism. To prevent any wrong occurrence, a visitor management system lends you a helping hand because it records everything.

Unfortunately, when any such event takes place, the authorities regret not having a visitor management system in place. The point of security then becomes clear to the companies.

4. Management of high volume of visitors

Imagine the office front desk is loaded with visitors. What will you do in that situation? How will you handle things? It might push the receptionist to skip the screening process and allow people in as quickly as possible. However, in some cases, the visitors might fill the manual forms with a false identity or illegible information.

A visitor management system has the capacity to manage a number of people at once. It provides the luxury to screen every visitor efficiently and arranging meetings on behalf of the staff. Moreover, to prevent any wrong or unreadable information, it offers digital forms.

Moreover a visitors management system also can help in faster processing of the crowd using existing data in the system. The system has proactive features like an appointment module which can help in marking the data entry faster as most of the information is already present in the system.

5. A necessity in COVID era

We know how dangerous it is to encounter any unknown person considering the COVID19 pandemic. No matter how much you avoid people, you cannot say no to any visitor to come to the office. In this fatal times, a visitor management system will be one thing you need the most.

Not only it will allow you to treat every visitor nicely but also support in temperature check, better screening process, and proper sanitization. Apart from that, it works well in the touchless verification system to maintain social distancing and contactless working.

Moreover there are profound changes happening in the industry so as to support visitors management in COVID era.

Warapping Up: The goodness of a visitor management system cannot be ignored because it contributes to a better system of the premises. So, make your company great with a help of an effective system.

Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.

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