Visitors Appointment System: How it works?

Offices often encounter the situation when a visitor comes with an expectation to meet the employee who is busy somewhere else. In this situation, the valuable time of the visitor, the front desk staff, as well as the employee gets wasted in organizing the meeting. Have you ever thought about eliminating such disturbance in the working environment? A visitor’s appointment system is all that you need.

Many big offices and corporate firms have invested a lot of money on high-tech devices and advanced technologies. It is just to ensure productive working and efficient uses of resources. One such essential thing is the visitors’ appointment system.

What is a Visitor’s Appointment System?

A Visitors appointment system, as the name suggests, is a system that helps in organizing the meetings and appointments from both visitor’s and employee’s end. In other words, it is a system by which the complex procedure of arranging appointments can be eased up. From scheduling and rescheduling the meeting to cancelling and tracking the status of the meeting, this automatic process will make everything uncomplicated for people of both sides. A visitor’s appointment system is one of the special modules that allow the visitor to generate appointment without coming to the site. It is a vital part of the visitor’s management system, but how does the appointment system work? Let’s known through the steps below.

1. Secure Usage with Login

Like any social media platform, the appointment system allows the person to sign in through the preferred ID and password. For that, the person needs to first mention his/her ID, verify it, and secure it with a protected password. This will allow the visitor to access the account from anywhere and anytime.

2. Generate Request

After creating an account into the system, it is now time to generate the meeting request. To do that, the visitor is required to look for the authorization page. On this authorization page, he/she needs to put on details as and when required along with the time, date, and the person they want to meet.

3. The Approval

Once the request has been placed, it is time to wait for the approval of the meeting. This step is for the employee who can see the request in the dashboard he/she is accessing. Following the approval, it is time to wait for the meeting.

4. The Dashboard

The dashboard is the place where the visitor can find all the information about a meeting. The login ID and password allows the person to visit the dashboard page and notice the status of the meeting.

5. Front Desk Accessibility

All the details of the meeting can be seen on the front desk from where both the visitor as well as the staff member can pre-authorize the meeting. Moreover, the front desk staff will provide help whenever required.

A visitors appointment system is a two-way fashion that can help you arrange meetings without any hustle but a few easy steps. If you are in search of an ideal appointment system, do not think further because our VIZSENSE system comes with functions that can be initiated by both visitors and employees. So, make good use of technology and make the appointment process hassle-free.

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Vijender Pandita

Vijender Pandita is Head of Technology at CELECT. He started his career as a software programmer and leads the Techno-commercial teams at CELECT currently.