Honeywell IF1C UHF RFID Fixed Mount Reader

Honeywell UHF reader for FASTag, Tolling and Parking systems...

The IF1C Fixed Mount RFID readers (transceivers) offer cost effective and flexible options designed for applications that require durability and reliability.

Developed specifically for use in electronic toll collection, traffic and vehicle registration monitoring, vehicle parking and access control operations, Solid Waste management and Vehicle Mount operations, the IF1C series is ideal for any single and two-antenna application, where RFID technology is used to automate processes.

The IF1C is a family of integrated antenna and two-antenna port readers with Honeywell-designed radio frequency (RF) platform offering superior read performance. Packaged in a small IP66-rated enclosure, the IF1C series offers flexible options designed to reduce project costs, decrease installation time, and improve overall system reliability.

An integrated antenna option of the IF1C encloses reader electronics, an internal antenna, and a port for one external antenna. This results in a compact, fully integrated, ruggedized, and reliable RFID installation. An alternative IF1C configuration features reader with two antenna ports for applications requiring two external antenna. A variety of external antennas from Honeywell, including Linear / Circular Polarised antenna housed in the IF1C enclosure, support the requirements of nearly any environment and application.

Honeywell-IF1C-UHF RFID-Reader-Writer

FASTag Reader:

The Honeywell IF1C UHF RFID Reader is ideal choice for FASTag ecosystem. The reader is deployed in multiple Toll Plazas in India and across for faster processing of FASTags at the toll plazas. With proven Honeywell technology advantage and multiple reader features it is easier to roll out a FASTag based reader system using Honeywell IF1C UHF RFID Reader.



Fully Integrated RFID System

By eliminating the need for additional antenna cables, power cables, and external controllers, the IF1C reader system has fewer points of failure and fits inconspicuously into small spaces, making the reader less visible to consumers and the general public

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Support:

The IF1C readers support Power over Ethernet (PoE) for scalable deployments, without the cost of adding electrical drops where AC line power is not available or practical.

Software Hosting Capability:

With on-board application memory, the IF1C is capable of hosting software applications on the reader, increasing system reliability and eliminating the cost of installing and maintaining a separate application server.

On-Board GPIO Option:

The IF1C allows for direct monitoring and controlling of peripherals such as presence detectors and signal lights, without requiring extra devices and power supplies to facilitate the connection.

Class-Leading Durability:

The IF1C series is IP66-rated when properly sealed with the IP66 Ethernet cable housing kit, making it the smallest, most durable high-performance integrated reader available in the market.

Flexible Mounting Options:

The IF1C housing could be mounted using standard 75 mm and 100 mm VESA mounting brackets, which is easily available.