Variable Messaging Displays

Variable Message Display : Introduction

VMD offers a full range of Variable and Dynamic Message Signs for commuters on the road. As a centralized traffic flow management tool Variable Message Signs provides real-time information on traffic conditions to warn road users, optimizing route selection decisions and enhancing road safety. Variable message signs can be placed in a wide range of places like motorways, major road junctions, and urban arteries.

Need for VMD Solution

The versatility of variable message signs makes them suitable for providing traffic information for a variety of situations including emergencies, construction and road closures. The VMD can also be used in cities to communicate events and activities, public office schedules, parking availability and travel warnings. Some of the key problems faced by the commuters on the roads can be addressed by the VMD solution.

Benefits of a Smart VMD:

Information about convenient routes to be followed when large volumes of traffic are likely to be attracted to:
  1. Process single or multiple items in one go.
    1. Sporting event
    2. Exhibition
    3. Any other public gathering
  2. Information about diversions or alternative routes
  3. Information about the availability of new routes or destinations
  4. Information about changes in route numbers
  5. Warnings or information about a civil emergency or the prospect of a civil emergency.
  6. Warnings about, or information on how to avoid, any temporary hazards caused by –
    1. Work being executed on or near a road
    2. Adverse weather conditions or other natural causes
    3. The failure of street lighting or malfunction of any other equipment etc. used in connection with the road or situated on or near it.
    4. Damage to the road itself.
    5. Requests by the police for information in connection with road traffic accidents.

Need of the hour – Smart VMD

Smart VMD solution overcomes each of the above-mentioned drawbacks to solve the problems that are to be tackled on the roads. A smart VMD consists of a quality hardware product to display the information coupled with the software and application to automatically feed in the content which needs to be displayed on the hardware. The VMD software and application should seamlessly integrate with the command and control center of the city or the traffic managing authority.

Breakup of a Smart VMD Solution:

  1. User-friendly software and Application
  2. Fully Programmable with different presentation modes
  3. Various font and character height options
  4. Simple graphics and animations
  5. Current time display
  6. Temperature sensor to display current temperature
  7. Scheduling software
  8. Event countdown feature
  9. Messages can be changed instantly from PC on site or a remote location via wireless links or through the Internet
  10. The Display Unit
  11. Display unit is built-into an aluminum alloy housing that, depending on where it is to be located, can be fitted with heating control systems, weatherproofing, brightness and contrast level controls, etc
  12. LED color options
    1. True Color, Full-color (red, green & blue LEDs - creating 16 million colors)
    2. LED brightness for all situations: outdoor, window or indoor LED brightness
  13. Capabilities
  14. Alpha-Numeric, Pictorials, Graphical and Videos (100% anti-glare display)
  15. Text Languages
  16. Pictograms, English, Regional Languages and Hindi
  17. Style
  18. Steady, flash, partial flash, right entry, left entry, top entry, bottom entry, canter spread, blank, and dimming
  19. Key Parameters to look for while selecting the Best Suitable Hardware
    1. Long life LED technology that is easily visible in all types of weather
    2. The brightness can be adjusted for both clear day and night viewing
    3. The display system can operate as a stand-alone system or be integrated with other traffic control and management systems providing data for traffic detection, monitoring and surveillance
    4. Safety and Security is of paramount to prevent hacking and misuse of the VMD. Wrong content and panic situation should be prevented in the city.
    5. Low Power Consumption
    6. Robust and Rugged Hardware for a long life with minimal maintenance.
  20. Sign Mounting Structure and Local Controller Cabinet
    1. Each variable message sign mounting requires written specifications. As per application, the variable message Sign mountings may use an overhead gantry, high mast, pole mounting structure design required for specific construction works.
    2. The local control cabinet enables operators to perform local mode message display configuration to ensure that the Variable Message Signs are operating correctly
    3. Strong aluminum, weather resistant enclosure to suit local weather conditions
    4. IP65 rated cabinets (outdoors)

Types Of Display....


DIP: Direct In-Line Package

- Three Bubble shaped color LED bulbs joined with two connector feet.

- Sockets or through-hole solderig used to mount these DIP modules

Lower Risk of Damage : Lower Heat generated

- Heat dissipating Silicone is used to Weather proof each module.

- Heat generated in three separate bulbs so better dissipation.

Single LED Failure: Easy and Cost Effective Replacement

- Socket arrangement makes the LED replacement very easy in case of any failure

Best suited for Outdoor Applications (Pitch >= 10mm)

- Robust and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

- In Outdoor applications during day time the DIP has a better visibility.

- Best suited for Messages,Images and Low Resolution video content.

Cost Effective and Higher Life


SMD : Surface Mounted Diode

- Three colors of LED bulbs are encapsulated into one slim case

- Directly soldered onto a circuit

Higher Risk of Damage : Higher heat generated

- Heat generation is encapsulated in each of the cases.

- Lower surface area to dissipate heat.

Single LED Failure: Replace the Whole VMD

- Since the capsules of LEDs are very closely packed.LED Replacement is next to impossible.Replacement of entire VMD is the only option.

Best suited for Indoor Applications (Pitch < 6mm)

- Higher resolution as the LEDs are packed much closely as compared to DIP.

- Can reach up to 1mm pitch.However at higher pitch such as 10mm difference in resolution quality can be understood only when viewed from very close.

- Best suited for high resolution Video content.

Expensive(slightly better Resolution when viewed from < 10m)