Signature Pads and Tablets

Wacom LCD Signature Pad...

CELECT provides advanced premium segment signature pads from wacom in both monocrome and color LCD display segments.

These signature pads can be easily integrated with broad range of applications across various business verticals.

Complex Processes Made Easy.

Signature Pads are meant to provide digital interface for the most basic Identity feature of a person. Their versatility ensures support for different workstation and network environments. It is ideal for high-traffic environments where in-person handwritten electronic signatures are required to confirm transactions, such as at bank teller desks, hotel check-ins, shop purchases or clinic registrations.

Signature Pad features:

  • High resolution LCD Screens
  • State-of-the-art encryption
  • Cordless, battery-free pen
  • Pen holder/USB cable lock
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to high durability

Signature Pad variants...


Wacome STU-430 Signature Pad

- Monochrome LCD signature pad

- 4.5’’ LCD screen


Wacome STU-540/541 Signature Pad

- Color LCD signature pad

- 5" high-resolution screen