Assets / Inventory Management Software and Systems

Assets tracking and management using barcodes, RFID, system softwares...

CELECT AssetMAN is a single centralized solution for all your asset management and tracking needs. It is completely web based and ships with in built IT Help desk and service management system. The system manages the asset life cycle right from procurement, deployment & usage, up-gradation & service, decommissioning & salvage.

This flexibility allows the solution to fit organisations exact requirements and provide a truly holistic view of the organisations IT Infrastructure.

For ease of use, the system is structured into configurable dashboards for discovery, portfolio, history, life cycle, procurement and service management. Each user can decide which dashboard is their home page. Each dashboard is completely configurable and contains menu links, charts and tables.

RFID based Assets Management Features:

  • Each Asset tagged and affixed with RFID Tag.
  • Each tag associated with Asset via Unique ID.
  • UID and document info stored into the centralized database.
  • Database is web hosted – so can be accessed from anywhere.
  • RFID handheld to locate , track and capture the UID.
  • RFID fixed readers to track movement of the assets.

Assets Management Tags:

  • Technology: Barcode labels or Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Tags or High Frequency (HF) Tags.
  • Form factor: Available in hard tags or labels.
  • Printing: Printed labels / tags as per organization requirement.

Why Choose CELECT Assets Management & Tracking System:

  • Start to end traceability for the assets.
  • Monitoring asset movement status dashboards.
  • Any time and any where access.
  • Alert and reminders Features.
  • Search engine to locate a specific within the portal.
  • Automation of stock taking & reconciliation.
  • Automated and real time MIS.
  • Direct co-relation with active assets.
  • Can integrate security features for prevention of malicious activities.

CELECT Assets Management Systems:

Integrated Software

Integrated & intelligent asset tracking system software which is web hosted for anywhere anytime access.

IT Helpdesk

Online dashboard to monitor and manage IT helpdesk with specific user, support agents and administrator logins.

Maintenance Trackers

Fully featured maintenance tracker system which help in timely and proactive management of annual maintenance contracts.