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Files tracking and management using barcodes, RFID, system softwares...

Imagine being able to track and monitor valuable files in one place. It’s possible with the latest release of the File Tracking System. This intuitive, easy-to-use system can be integrated seamlessly into your current management software, or installed as a stand-alone system. Because knowing file locations is critical for increased productivity and deadlines, the files tracking software lets you effortlessly track history, location, program tags, import and export information with the hardware and software systems. It’s reliability and durability can help you manage valuable files with confidence and ease.

Find Files from Virtually any location

Wherever you are, you can find the files you’re searching for. For instance, valuable files are tracked in archives, offices and multiple-building locations. CELECT system allows users to monitor and source histories and locations from anywhere. The end result? Significant gains in the utilization of valuable resources and operational efficiencies in quickly locating files and other assets, not to mention the replacement cost, of which some, are simply irreplaceable.

This system is made to enable the users to make their organization fully connected and transparent in a very cost effective manner.

FileMAN is an automated web enabled file tracking solution, which manages to overcome the problems in existing document tracking and management systems. The solution consists of latest hi-tech components to increase the ease of file tracking and management inside and outside the department and geographical locations. CELECT has come up with the approach to handle problems of file tracking in a very easy and efficient manner. Use of RFID technology and web technology makes the solution fully automated and easy to access worldwide.

RFID based Files Management Features:

  • System is versatile and comprehensive with greater scope of self customization.
  • Use of web makes the system accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • Helps increase productivity.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be integrated into current systems, or installed separately.
  • Monitor and find files from networked computers.
  • Helps save money in time spent searching for files and assets.

Files Management Tags:

  • Technology: Barcode labels or Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Tags or High Frequency (HF) Tags.
  • Form factor: Available in hard tags or labels.
  • Printing: Printed labels / tags as per organization requirement.

Why Choose CELECT Files Management & Tracking System:

  • Start to end traceability for the assets.
  • Monitoring files movement status dashboards.
  • File commenting and requisitions modules.
  • Any time and any where access.
  • Alert and reminders features.
  • Search engine to locate a specific file within the portal.
  • Automation of stock taking & reconciliation.
  • Automated and real time MIS.
  • Direct co-relation with active assets.
  • Can integrate security features for prevention of malicious activities.

CELECT Files Management Systems:

Integrated Software

Integrated & intelligent files tracking system software which is web hosted for anywhere anytime access.

Files Requisitions Module

Online logins to users for files requisitions and commenting systems.

Store Room Automation

Fully featured maintenance stores & records room automations for real time tracking.