FASTag ETC Tolling Systems

Customized Hardware and Software Solutions for FASTag and Electronic Toll Collection Systems

CELECT provides broad range of hardware and software applications for Electronic Toll Collection including the systems used for FASTag and cashless parking automations.

What is FASTag?

FASTag is an electronic toll collection system in India, operated by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). It employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments directly from the prepaid account linked to it or directly toll owner. It is affixed on the windscreen of the vehicle and enables to drive through toll plazas without stopping for transactions. The tag can be purchased from official Tag issuers or participating Banks and if it is linked to a prepaid account, then recharging or top-up can be as per requirement. As per NHAI, FASTag has unlimited validity. Dedicated Lanes at most of the Toll plazas have been built for FASTag.

FASTag is mandatory throughout India now with majority of the Toll Plazas accepting it as the only mode of transit and the remaining are in the process to do so.

What is Electronic toll collection?

Electronic toll collection (ETC) is a wireless system to automatically collect the usage fee or toll charged to vehicles using toll roads, HOV lanes, toll bridges, and toll tunnels. It is a faster alternative which is replacing toll booths, where vehicles must stop and the driver manually pays the toll with cash or a card. In most systems, vehicles using the system are equipped with a windshield based RFID tag. When the vehicle passes a roadside toll reader device, a radio signal from the reader triggers the transponder, which transmits back an identifying number which registers the vehicle's use of the road, and an electronic payment system charges the user the toll. A major advantage is the driver does not have to stop, reducing traffic delays. Electronic tolling is cheaper than a staffed toll booth, reducing transaction costs for government or private road owners. The ease of varying the amount of the toll makes it easy to implement road congestion pricing, including for high-occupancy lanes, toll lanes that bypass congestion, and city-wide congestion charges. The payment system usually requires users to sign up in advance and load money into a prepaid account, which is debited each time they pass a toll point.

Why CELECT Us for your Electronic Tolling Requirements:

Power of Hardware

The Hardware Systems provided by CELECT for Electronic Toll Collection are tried and tested products across the world. These systems have been deployed in hundreds of Tolling Lanes in India as well.

Higher Throughput

The systems work efficiently and accurately and thus provides higher throughputs for Electronic Toll Collections as compared with the usual systems.

Customized Hardware Components

User can pick and choose the hardware components as per its requirement. There is no compulsion or a basic architecture requirement. You can choose a particular item or its variant as per your requirement.

CELECT Product offerings for Electronic Tolling Systems:


3M CR1000 RFID UHF CR1000 Electronic Tolling Reader

Designed with parking and gated entrances in mind, the Compact RFID Reader 1000 line has models supporting Electronic Toll Collection and Parking Systems.

The Compact RFID Reader 1000 is available in 4- and 8-port versions. explore

Honeywell-IF1C-UHF RFID-Reader

Honeywell IF1C UHF RFID Fixed Mount Reader

The Honeywell Fixed Mount RFID readers (transceivers) offer cost effective and flexible options designed for applications that require durability and reliability. explore


3M RFID UHF Circular Antenna

The 3M UHF RFID Antenna is intended for use with the 3M Toll RFID Reader in access control or parking applications. The antenna is intended for general Tolling and FASTag Reading purpose including in parking or gate access. explore



High-performance 3M™ windshield tags for NPCI Electronic Tolling Systems. Using these tags the consumers can avail of cashless transactions in most of the toll plazas. explore


3M UHF Windshield RFID Tag

3M™ UHF RFID Windshield Tags are used by automotive OEMs across the globe for vehicle identification and as per the compliance requirements from governments. explore


Smart Card Reader

HID Omnikey 5022 and Omnikey 5422 readers for cashless transactions at Toll Plazas.