Library Mangement softwares

Koha, LIBCON, DSPACE softwares for Library management and digital repository

A library needs multiple softwares for its day to day activities. One software may be used for basic housekeeping, circulations and other activities related to physical books. Others may be needed to maintain digital repository for ease of access to its patrons.

CELECT supports libraries through the following software systems:

KOHA Library Management Software
DSPACE Digital Repository
LIBCON School Library Software
Library Mobile App




Koha, The name comes from a Māori term for a gift or donation

Koha Library Management System Software

Koha is an open source Integrated Library System (ILS). It is used world-wide by school, institute, universities libraries.

Koha is the first free and open source library automation software. It is designed to manage physical collections of items (books, CD's, videos, reference etc). In this software, user interface is very configurable and adaptable and has been translated into many languages. It provides Cataloguing, Searching, Member/Patron management, an acquisition system and Circulation (issues, return and reserves).

Traditionally library management softwares have been known to have proprietary systems and software specifications. They make the library dependent on a particular vendor only and has to act as per the whims and fancies of that vendor only. Well that changes with KOHA. So, how does KOHA help libraries.

So KOHA is free, then what does CELECT do then ?

  • We help libraries in getting on board with KOHA with initial system installation & configurations.
  • We also help in customization of the system as per the customer requirement.
  • Our services include data transformation services from their existing LMS system.
  • LIBCON teams provide extensive support and maintenance services to its customers so that they can work on their main task and leave the system management to us.
  • The power of KOHA is extended when used with RFID and other automation system. LIBCON provides extensive automation product portfolio.
  • We also provide add on KOHA services like hosting the KOHA system on cloud and proving KOHA mobile app.
  • So you installed KOHA and now need some handholding, no worries. Our team of trainers can help you anytime to conduct brief or extensive training sessions.

DSPACE - Digital Repository

DPSACE is not a simple content management system. It is more than that. It provide unmatched indexing options and content distribution mechanism.

DSPACE - Digital Repository System

DSpace is an open source repository software package typically used for creating open access repositories for scholarly and/or published digital content. DSpace is a repository application that allows you to capture, store, index, preserve and distribute your digital material including text, video, audio and data.

While DSpace shares some feature overlap with content management systems and document management systems, the DSpace repository software serves a specific need as a digital archives system, focused on the long-term storage, access and preservation of digital content. That's why it is the ideal choice of libraries across the world to manage and distribute digital content.

DSpace provides a way to manage your materials and publications in a professionally maintained repository to give them greater visibility and accessibility over time. DSpace is most often used as an institutional repository - a platform that provides access to research output, scholarly publications, library collections, and more.

How is CELECT helping libraries in DSpace implementations:

  • CELECT helps in initial handholding of the libraries to get their digital content online. We provide services for Dspace installation, configuration & customizations.
  • We also help in customization of the system as per the customer requirement.
  • We provide training services for Dspace.
  • LIBCON also provides team level support for data scanning and digitalisation before being uploaded to Dspace.
  • If you are using our cloud services for Dspace, then you don't need to worry about any server / infrastructure systems. Our teams will manage all that for you.

Library software for school libraries

For basic library system with most efficient features...

Library software for school libraries

Small school libraries are different than big universities & education institutions in multiple ways and so their requirements are different than bigger libraries. School libraries usually have:

  • Smaller collection size
  • Fewer users
  • Lower circulations

That being the reason it does not make sense to deploy the same library software in school library as is being deployed in big universities. It also does not make sense to deploy so resource sensitive applications for trivial tasks. That is why LIBCON provides a trim down version of Library management software system specifically to be used in school libraries. This ensures that school libraries don't end up spending a lot on basic library software. Not only that we also provide school library software as a service through our cloud network.

When we say small library system, it doesn't mean there is any lack of features. There are abundant features compared to a regular LMS for a university library. What we've trimmed down is actually the complexity behind those features. We've made it simpler and easy to use. We've also made it easier to use the system using our cloud network.

Advantages of using school library software from LIBCON:

  • It is available completely on cloud. It is available real time all the time.
  • It does not need any client side installations because it is completely browser based.
  • The LMS supports IntelliSense in a broader manner, which ensures that there are no repeated entries.
  • Hardware integrations are done with ease using multiple methods.
  • There is flexible & roboust MIS available.
  • Newer features & releases are available at no additional cost.
  • Support & training is provided by LIBCON through dedicated support agents.
  • Best of all: our school library software is available in a cost effective subscription model at a very lower cost.

Basic systems in the LMS shall consist of the following modules:

  • Acquisition
  • Cataloging
  • Circulation
  • Maintenance
  • System administration

LIBCON Mobile App For Libraries

Give the ease of access to your library patrons using mobile app which works smoothly with most of the Library Softwares...

This is the age of real time connectivity... why should a library stay behind

LIBCON Library mobile app is an ideal app to be used by Libraries across the world to connect to their patrons. The app has features to provide dynamic content for information flow between the library and its patrons. Used across academic as well public libraries the simple interface and multiple features has made the app a perfect companion for library users.

The LIBCON Library Mobile app is not an app just for the sake of it, it is an ideal platform for communications between a Library and its patrons.

Dynamic content management and integration with Library Management Software.

Content Management helps to push dynamic information from the Library side to the patrons as and when required. The dynamic information can be about an event or a notice about the change in library timings or any such relevant and interactive information.

Integration with the Library Management Software helps patrons to access their accounts, checkout lists and even pay the fines online.

Why should Libraries use a mobile app?

  • Is your circulation desk often crowded?
  • Do your patrons keep on calling you to check book availability?
  • Is it difficult for you to manage the cash received for fine collections?
  • Do you need a better visibility and interactive communication option with your patrons?
  • Are you hosting an event and wish that all the Library Patrons should know it at the click of a button?
  • Do you wish to have a digital platform to showcase your latest acquisitions?

If your answer is 'Yes' to any of the above questions then LIBCON Library Mobile App is your solution. Contact us today for a personalised demo.

Basic features of LIBCON Library app:

  • Content Management: for smoother information flow between library and its patrons.
  • OPAC - Open Public Access Catalog: available right in the user mobile device.
  • Account Access: so that user can check its account details and circulation / fines.
  • Fine Payments: an interface to pay the fines directly from the mobile.

Content and articles related to Library Automation systems and it's features

Library automation: Why and how to go about it...

Automation of library means using a technology to automate all the processes that are conducted in the library on daily basis. An automated library has improved services like making circulation and book locating processes easier for the staff. This is turn saves time and also staff satisfaction and performance.


Why should library shift to KOHA LMS?

Koha is an open source Integrated Library System (ILS). It is used world-wide by school, institute, universtities libraries. It gives you complete control, without any dependence on proprietary systems & life long system enhancements.


Automation of fine payments in Libraries: Removal of Multiple Nuisances.

Fine payment and receipts can both be nuisances for library patrons as well as staff. It at times involves managing cash and providing change and much more. There is actually a better solution.


Relevance of mobile apps for library usage.

The world is moving towards mobile apps and so must the libraries. It is not about just having a website for information flow, but being able to communicate with the user in a mobile platform.