Security Systems for Libraries

Tattle tape security solutions for covert security

Tattle Tape is the only covert security system for theft detection in the libraries. The tape consists of a magnetic metal strip embedded in a strip of thick, clear adhesive tape.

Tattle Tape for Library security

Tattle tape was designed by 3M. First user was Saint Paul Public Library in 1970. Tattle tape is usually affixed deep between the pages of a paperback book, or between the spine and binding for a hardcover book. Tattle Tape Security Strips are used to protect billions of items in thousands of libraries around the world and India. Tattle tape strips are thin and covert and may seem simple, but their powerful performance is a result of quality materials, design strength and extensive testing. Add to that the ever reliable adhesive we have the perfect product for the library security.

Why is Tattle Tape better for Library security?

One of the reason is that the Tattle Tape is covert in nature hidden between the pages or in the spine. Secondly operational frequency of Tattle Tapes is very low which makes it nearly impossible to shield its signals. Because of both these reasons Tattle tapes are difficult to tamper with or to shield. So the usual shoplifting methods can't be used to steal the items.

Why CELECT Us for Library Security Systems:

Tattle Tape advantage

When it comes to security Tattle tape is always better than RFID technology. Libraries who are having highly valuable items and less circulation prefer tattle tape as a security technology. If security is the prime concern in a library then first thought should always be about having a Tattle Tape systems.

Success stories

Since 1970s Tattle Tape security system is the most used system worldwide to prevent the library materials from theft and accidentally taking them out of the library. Globally Tattle Tape is the go-to solution for library security. In India government and private libraries, public and academic libraries, IITs and institutes of national repute have been using Tattle Tape security systems for decades now providing unmatched security and ease of use to the patrons and library staff.

Option of a hybrid system

Once you are on a Tattle Tape system there is always an option to go for a combination of Tattle Tape and RFID system, commonly commonly called as hybrid system. Hybrid systems ensure that you get the security of a Tattle Tape system and the automation flexibility of an RFID system. CELECT has helped multiple libraries in their journey of conversion from a Tattle Tape system to a hybrid system. It is so much easier and most of the components of a Tattle Tape system are reused in hybrid system.

Single aisle hybrid EM Tattle Tape + RFID Gates Installation

at Indian institute of technology (IIT), Kanpur

CELECT solution offerings for Library Security Systems:


bibliotheca Tattle Tape Security strips

We offer a range of Tattle-Tape Security Strips and accessories to choose from, depending on which library items you are protecting. From single side adhesive, double-sided adhesive, strips for hardcover books to DVDs, we have the supplies and accessories to keep your collection secure. explore


bibliotheca Tattle Tape Workstation

The bibliotheca Tattle-Tape workstation allows staff to process library materials quickly and efficiently while virtually eliminating false alarms. With the ability to desensitize and resensitize Tattle-Tape Security Strips on print materials, CDs and DVDs, this ergonomic design with intuitive feedback indicators makes it simple for staff to quickly process materials. explore


bibliotheca Tattle Tape Security Gate

The Tattle-Tape gate can detect when an activated strip is leaving the library, significantly reducing false alarms at the gate when people enter. With multiple pedestals used to cover a larger entrance-way, the alarm lights on the gates also identify which aisle caused the alarm, helping staff locate items that triggered the alarm faster. explore