Automation Systems for Libraries

Customized Hardware and Software Solutions for Library security and automations

CELECT provides complete solution to libraries for RFID automation right from system study, analysis, hardware selection, deployment, integration, training and management. The end to end consultancy ensure we deliver high class value to our esteemed clients.

RFID for Libraries

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) has come a long way to provide basic components to create a degree of automation in libraries. More and more libraries are adopting RFID systems for automation and security needs. The use of RFID reduces the amount of time required to perform basic library operations like issue and return of the items. RFID also ensures that the processing is faster as compared to a barcode based system because there is no line of sight required in case of RFID system and also multiple items can be read in one go. This also helps in faster stock taking and inventory operations using a suitable hand held reader.

Using RFID gates at the library exit, it is also possible to partially bring down the cases of unintentional book removals from the library. However for a truly covert library security CELECT only recommends Tattle Tape Systems.

RFID based self issue & return kiosk

at Indian institute of technology (IIT), Delhi

Why CELECT Us for Library Automation Systems:

Global experience

We work with global powerhouses for RFID system in Library automation. That brings immense experience and years of product innovation into the solutions that we propose. These systems have been deployed in thousand of libraries globally and India.

Power of Hardware

The Hardware Systems provided by CELECT for Library Automation are tried and tested products across the world. Simply put, products are rugged and time tested with latest features. Moreover, these hardware products are specifically designed to be used in the libraries.

RFID tags and Tattle Tapes provided by us, when handled according to our recommended practices, are guaranteed for the lifetime of the item to which they are affixed.

Best of Security & Automation

CELECT proposes hybrid system which is a combination of RFID and Tattle Tape Systems for best in class Security and Automation. EM Tattle Tape system provides the covert security and RFID helps in automation. Use of hybrid gates and self check systems ensures faster throughput.

Ease of software

The software systems allied with the RFID library automation system provided by CELECT are prime and especially designed for Library automation hardwares. What makes these systems truly amazing is the interfaces, integrations and reporting, which is unparalleled in the industry.

Belief in global standards

All Library Automation hardware and software systems provided by us work on international standards like ISO and SIP2. This ensures that integration between various systems is as per standard practices without any need to software patches or middleware.

Allied hardware & Software

Not only the basic RFID library automation systems, CELECT also provides allied hardware and software systems like OPAC Kiosks, fine payment terminals, smart cards, patron counting systems, library management software, digital repository, library mobile app, meeting room managers and digital signage systems.

RFID based self issue & return kiosk

at World Skills Center (WSC), Bhubaneswar, Odisha

CELECT solution offerings for Library RFID Systems:


bibliotheca RFID Library Tag

Enhance the productivity and security benefits of RFID by utilizing industry leading Bibliotheca RFID Tags. This means your library can utilize RFID tags that have longer read ranges, provide increased security and productivity benefits and are designed to consistently perform for as long as your items last. explore


bibliotheca RFID Staff Workstation

The bibliotheca RFID staff workstation is ideal for daily usage within the library. There are multiple models supported as per the requirement of the library. These can be used for initial tag programming, re-programming and circulation processes. explore


Self check systems

Ideal self service systems which can be used for all the circulation and account related transactions in a library. Powerful and versatile system software to make each transaction smoother and faster. explore


bibliotheca RFID inventory readers

The bibliotheca RFID stock taking readers provide useful options for regular stock inventory operations within the library. The models supported can be used as per the requirement of the library. explore


bibliotheca RFID security gate

bibliotheca RFID security gate provides superior detection using the latest 3D detection technology. It has a clear attractive glass like design. That said it can blend into any library environment. explore


Smart Card Reader

HID Omnikey 5022 and Omnikey 5422 readers for contactless patron identification.

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