CELECT Attendance Management

Your Attendance, Our Systems

Based on Secure 3D Identity, CELECT Time and Attendance system provides a centralized repository which when integrated with HR systems ensures a smooth and flexible functional system. The system can be integrated with any existing HR system through WCF web services supported by CELECT.

CELECT Attendance Management systems are pre integrated with majority of the hardware system providers through engineering convergence systems. CELECT provides attendance automation system using Smart cards, biometrics and facial recognition.

Using the power of cloud and latest hardware systems CELECT has been providing attendance systems to hundreds of organisations across the industry.

Features of CELECT Attendance Systems:

Power of Cloud:

CELECT Attendance Management Software system can be hosted in house or on our secure clouds. This is way better than traditional attendance system which use basic desktop (exe) based system with limited features.

Ready Integrations:

Because of the modular nature of the system the CELECT Attendance Management Software system can be integrated with most of the available hardware devices giving multiple options to the users.

Access Management:

Usual attendance systems lack transparency as members don't get access to the system. Whereas CELECT Attendance Management Software system provides access to all the stake holders ensuring complete transparency. Since the members are able to access the system using their own logins, they are also able to create different sort of requisitions as well.

Digital Attendance Management Systems:

Smart Cards

Smart card can be used for attendance using wall mounted reader for only attendance or access control.


Fingerprint based wall mounted readers can also be used for attendance or access control.

Facial Systems

CELECT provides facial identification and attendance based systems using wall/table mounted panels.